Thursday, December 10, 2009

So...Where Are You Shopping?

Today I am proud to help spread the news of a new and up and coming shop called Haus Of Darcy. This soon to be fully stocked shop is ran by none other then one of my oldest and dearest friends Aydan Darcy and you should really pop in and have a look as the variety of goods are increasing quickly.

She already has a lot of fun items you won't want to miss out on for your holiday gift giving and decorating as well.

I managed to sneak in a bit early and snap a few shots of some of the releases that are already available, however don't let this fool you as I have already heard many rumours of new things coming for the official store opening this weekend.

This necklace is not only well made but it is one of my favorite net nerd symbols. Display your love alone or as a couple with seperated <>

If you think that necklace seems a bit simple in it's presentation or design well have no fear as she is also making plenty of smaller high detailed intricate pieces like the one shown here.

There are plenty of small well made detail pieces spread along the length of the necklace itself as well as a very nicely shaped and textured key trinket piece. There is a nice selection of this type of jewelry that all looks unique and is well worth the time taken to stop in and have a look.

Another really nice and decorative item I spotted was this holiday themed bulletin board. As you can see it has a stocking waiting to be stuffed and some decorative holiday lighting that blinks.
Also you can display your own snapshots holiday themed or not in each of the three frames to give it your own personal touch. The blinking lights are also used in another soon to be released item that is not only super cheap but super adorable and you won't want to miss it.