Monday, September 29, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i was feeling like going out for a jog and though this outfit is already aging by the second in blog time it was something i didn't want to just toss in the scrap pile.

The mop today is Naughty - Tamed (300l per color or 2000L for all 45 colors) in black and is one of my most go to hair styles. Simple clean and attractive.

The shades are FNKY! Aviator III - Black (300L per color 1000L for the fatpack).

Up top today i have the jacket portion of Donavan Brennen's Gearshift - MIA Tracksuit (500L for Jacket and Pants). A great purchase with many available options and sculpties to tinker with. Not to mention its stylish look and great graphics. There are two versions of this tracksuit available and both are top notch.

Underneath i chose the Kari - Farang beer T (90L) in blue. It is a shame you can't see the entire graphic in this shot, but if you have become a fan of Kari you know this is a quality product. Like with his other T's it can be worn as a jacket layer or tucked in two versions, one with moth holes on the shirt layer. It also features sculpted cuffs.

These are the pants portion of the MIA Tracksuit and as you can see they are well made with a great double stripe that run the length of the legs. These come with sculpted cuffs that hang well over the shoes of your choice. You are also provided with two pairs of mens boxers to wear underneath if needed. Also on the cuffs are a great pair of drawstrings that have great details. and can be seen in the following photo.

Once again i have chosen the Soreal City Steps (395L per color or 695L for packs of 3 colors) in blue this time to trod around the vast Second Life streets. If you haven't treated yourself to a pair of these you should get out there and get to it already. Most well made atheletic shoe available for men in my opinion.

In the end i think if nothing else this is a suitable workout outfit that looks fine for a day out shopping as well. Nothing too over the top but nothing below the bar either.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Influence Hair by Naughty -


Gearshift -

Kari -


Other Credits

Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Supreme Lion -

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo skin normal Shaved -

Bracelet - Brogear - Keyboard Keys Bracelet -

Sinistyle - Taped Fingers & Black Nails -

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today I wanted to keep things moving in a cooler weather direction as we approach winter. A nice layered outfit that works for casual wear or a nice dinner party.

Once again i find myself in the Deadline (130L) hair from Gritty Kitty. Its stylish waves and curls seem to work as a messed casual style or with outfits that have a slick european look.

The glasses are PBI Teashades - Jackie (100L) from Pushbutton Skolnik's Pushbutton Industries and have always had some of my favorite lense tints as well as great shaping.

Resting over the things i have layered is a new scarf from Humby Designs by Sammy Humby. The Tres Scarf has a nice large knot and a playful kink in the lengthy overhang. It comes in five styles and colors (175L each or 700L for all five)

The Tailored Jacket (70L) is one of the first purchases that I ever made from Arai and has always been one of my favorite pieces with a very friendly price point. Underneath i have both a new Deep V Tee (298L per color or 1750L for all 8 versions) in white over a 20% Transperancy Black Tank Top (300l) both from Muism.
These well matched Chino Pants in black from Arai are also a low price high value item that comes in three different colors all at a very low 50L. As with Grandma every item in his store is well made and costs very little giving the new guy or the seasoned runway veteran a lot of bang for the buck.

The shoes are another item that are simple attractive and versatile. These are the Murphys in Black (325L) from Fallingwater Cellardoor. With their resemblance to the Doc Marten they provide a wide range of uses no matter what you may be dressing for.

All in all i think this outfit works well together without calling out for too much attention. Something perfect for an autumn stroll or a day out shopping with friends.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Pushbutton Industries -

Arai -

Muism -

Humby Designs -

Shiny Things -

Other Credits

Skin - Damiani Fashion Designs - Neo Skin Shaved Normal

Piercing - Deeks - Triple Rings w/Spike Labret

Friday, September 26, 2008

Seven Ultra Lounge 3pm-6pm

Seven Ultra Lounge

1. Curtis Mayfield - (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below

2. DMX - Up In Here (Mightyfools Mix)

3. Estelle - American Boy (Kill The Noise Mix)

4. Kelis - Milkshake (Man Eat Dj & Jizm Mix)

5. Meterhead - Newness

6. Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car

7. Lady GaGa - Just Dance (DJ Barletta Mix)

8. Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? (Stanton Warriors Mix)

9. Blamma Blamma - Let's Do It Then

10. Dopefish - Who Freaked Who (Fidget Or Not Mix)

11. Members Of Mayday - 10 In 1

12. Digivitis - Force Fit

13. Kelly Rowland - Work (Freemasons Edit)

14. Diplo and Buraka Som Sistema - Inna De Ghetto

15. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Tiesto Mix)

16. DJ Elite - That Fuct Camera

17. Santogold - Creator (Martelo's Mix)

18. High Powered Boys - Up Down

19. The Faint - The Geeks Were Right (Boys Noize Mix)

20. Pete Heller - Sputnik

21. Bumblebeez - Rio

22. Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir (George Lenton Mix)

23. The Horrorist - One Night In NYC (Pascal FEOS Mix)

24. Blaze - My Beat (Jan Driver Mix)

25. Louis La Roche - Get On Down

26. Trisco - Muzak (Wonderland Avenue Mix)

27. Xinobi -Day Off

28. Mariah Carey - I'll Be Loving You Long Time (Designer Drugs Mix)

29. Tilly And The Wall - Beat Control

30. Demon Vs Heartbreaker - You Are My High

31. Annie - I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me (Get Shakes Mix)

32. Phats & Small - Respect The Cock

33. Daedelus - Make It So (XXXchange Mix)

34. Fugazi - Long Division (Emynd's Edit)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Secret Set 02

Beep Boop Bop Mix

1. Flufftronix - Shark Attack

2. Lil Wayne - A Millie (DJDT Mix)

3. DJ I-Dee - The Right

4. Operator Please - Get What You Want (Sportsday Megaphone Mix)

5. Datashat - Stop The Message

6. Chromeo - Mercury Tears

7. Walter Meego - More Than I Can Say

8. The Black Ghosts - Let's Get Physical

9. MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Mix)

10. DJ Doc Rock - Indie Hipster Douchebag (Oh Snap! Mix)

11. Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night (D.I.M. Mix)

12. Scenario Rock - Skitzo Dancer (Justice Mix)

13. Oh Snap! - I'm To Fat To Be A Hipster (Mightyfools Mix)

14. SGT. Sass - Faggot Snappin" (Japattack Mix)

15. Diskotek - Sinfonia

16. The Tuss - Synthacon 9

17. Ratatat - Mirando

18. The Music - Strength In Numbers (DIOYY Mix)

19. Wolf & Cub - One To The Other (Bumblebeez Mix)

20. Polysics - Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

21. Spank Rock - Bump (Pink Skull Mix)

So....What Are You Wearing?

For today's outfit which turned out to be a mini Civvies showcase, I thought I would take some simple colors (red, black and white) and toss them into a Japanese blender.

Up top today one of my absolute favorite hairs The Enda in Black from Philotic Energy. I couldn't manage to find this hair any longer at her new location, but stop in anyway because atm she has another great male hair Billie II on sale in the full color range for only 50L.

This insanely detailed mask the Oni Mask in White (333L or 1333L for all 5 colors) is from a shop called Akibe and there are a large variety of colors as well as other masks available. I thought it went well with my Dragon Parasol (200L 2 other styles available) from Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos.

The new coat and hoodie sets from Civvies (350L per color combination) are yet another fine release from Posy Trudeau with great details on the buttons. There are prim hoodie and cuffs that match up great at the connecting point and they come in a range of 4 color combinations each with its own title and graphic design. The one that I am wearing is entitled Good Fortune.

Another great recent release at Civvies are these Baggy Jeans in Hellbound (a second style called Deathwish also available for 200L each) which have a great large bunched up cuff instead of the normal jean flaring. The detail on the jeans is both well drawn and unique and i think you could easily use these with a variety of different casual looks.

Out of all of the cherished sneakers i carry with me each day there is no other when it comes to realism like these SOREAL City Steps (395L per color or 3 color packs for 695L). One of the absolute best looking shoes in all the grid and versatile enough to fit just about every occassion. If you even slighty like these i suggest getting at least a 3 color pack as i found myself returning over and over again to get colors to match other things i was throwing together.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Philotic Energy -

Akibe -

Cherry Tokyo Kimonos -

Civvies -


Other Credits

Tattoo - Samurai Ghost (200L) - Slinked Tattoos

Tease Gloves in Black (No Longer Available) - Sandshack Surf Co.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Popscene 9am -11am


1. The Polyphonic Spree - Reach For The Sun

2. REM - Supernatural Superserious

3. The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away

4. Eon Megahurtz - Incense Power

5. The Black Keys - She Said She Said

6. Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane

7. The Strokes - What Ever Happened

8. Red Wire Black Wire - Compass

9. Starfucker - German Love

10. Fear Of Music - Ropes Out Of Sheets

11. We Have A Band - You Came Out

12. The Stone Roses - Fools Gold

13. The Rapture - Echoes

14. Young Rival - 415

15. Supergrass - We Are Young

16. The Killers - Human

17. Tilly and The Wall - Beat Control

18. Totally Michael - Casual Satisfaction

19. Santogold, Pharrell Williams and Julian Casablancas - My Drive Thru

20. Plugs - Imaginary Friend

21. Small Sins - Prove Me Wrong

22. The Kabeedies - Lovers Ought To

23. David Bowie - Queen Bitch

24. The Voyeurs - Things That People Say

25. Brimstone Howl - Million Years

26. Sons and Daughters - Gilt Complex

27. Team Robespierre - Ha Ha Ha

28. The Plants - Fist

29. Stevie Wonder - Very Superstitious

30. The Ettes - Crown Of Age

31. Jay Reatard - Nightmares

32. Say Anything - The Futile

33. Jaguar Love - Highways Of Gold

34. The Fratellis - 3 Skinny Girls

35. Tapes N' Tapes - Hang Them All

36. Late Of The Pier - Broken (Fairy Lights Mix)

37. Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches (RAC Mix)

38. Idlewild - Love Steals Us From Loneliness

39. The Breeders - Divine Hammer

40. Telepathe - Chrome's On It

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

For my outfit today i wanted to add a bit more man to my look while keeping a few soft tones. Something attractive but subtle enough that it doesn't beg for attention.

Once again i went with a hair from Gritty Kitty called Czech Mate (130L per color) in black. I heard someone say "What kind of guy would wear that hair?" and immediatly thought i should try to build a look around it. As implied and as with many if not all styles of Gritty Kitty hair this looks great on both men and women.

The glasses are from Menko design which unfortunatley i was unable to find when returning to check on the price. They are titled Stylish Emo Glasses and i think that is a very fitting name. Great black frames for the emo kids with a smooth stylish shaping.

This blazer and shirt from Valiant made a perfect companion to the outfit, sadly once again after making a visit to his new location i was unable to find this for sale. Perhaps my eyes are letting me down. I believe it was 250L and as you can see from its fine texturing to the nice loose prim cuffs it was well worth every penny.

These amazing and still quite new pants come from Icemocolo Voom's Muism label and are simply one of the best looking pairs of casual slacks i have seen in some time. They are titled the LB Trouser (350L for each of the 3 available colors) and come packaged in male or female sizes. Also in the package you get a belted and non-belted version of the slacks as well as leg extensions for a nice baggy look.
The shoes i have on today come from Funk Schnook's FNKY! and are called Buckle (500L per color or the full 7 color pack for 1750L). I seem to almost always jump right into my City Steps but i thought these went along nicely and i liked the buckly showing just a tad out of the leg extensions (not show to show the full shoe).
All in all i think i managed to come up with a nice creative look that allowed the hair to work well on a man without having to go to casual. Simple sleek and affordable. See you all next post.
SLurls and Full Outfit Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Shaved Normal
Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes Chambray Medium

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Another day off and another outfit for a night out on the town. Yet again i seem to have wound up with another simple and attractive 80's look. I blame the release of Jesseaitui Petion's Redeemer Skins (1700L for a limited time) and my sudden addiction to the color pink.

The mop today is is a great choppy and wavy cut called Deadline (130L) from Noam Sprocket's Gritty Kitty label. I had to edit this to fit my fat head and it was simple to manipulate for a nice snug fit.

The glasses are FNKY! GC2564 (300l per color 1000l for all colors) by Funk Schnook and are available in two sizes, seven frame colors and five lense tints. The purchase gives you a nice looking variety of options to fit a large number of looks from classy to casual.

To cover this new skin i tossed together a couple of great things from a shop that every man should have stashed away in his LM folder, Valiant by Wavie Haller.

The suit is called Black David and comes in two seperate pieces (Jacket and Pants) for 250L each respectively. The jacket has a nice shape and prim cuffs for a comfy loose fit.

Underneath the jacket i chose his N Flite T-Shirt (175L for each of the 3 color options) for its great colors. This really seemed to make the suit both casual cool while providing a bit of pop to the simple black tones of the suit.

The pants portion of the David Suit are very well drawn with an attention to detail in both the textures shading and the small details such as the seam and button.

The prim pants cuffs are nice and loose and hang over your shoes giving the suit another one of its fine yet casual details. I found them to fit well without editing.

I know what you are going to say. Niko these boots have been out for ages why are you talking about them now. I find that as i age in SL many things i have purchased vanish into folders never to be seen again. These boots however are a different story and i seem to keep finding myself coming back to them over and over again.

They are the Oslo (350L per color or 1000L for all 4 colors) from Eponymous Trenchmouth's Jeepers Creepers and come in 4 various colors. As you can see he spared no expense on both the texture of the boot but the tiny details that make these so attractive.

An outfit isnt an outfit without some sort of nice small detail to throw everything together. This pretty little ring was a gift from Esme Milena and unfortunatley i'm not sure how you might go about obtaining one. She provided a ton of different scripted color options for its polka dots and it moves along well with my AO which is always a plus.

As you can see. Not every outfit has to be about the absolute newest item available. Dig around in those inventories and toss in something versatile with a new item or two and you will be ready to get out and be seen.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Aitui -

Gritty Kitty -


Valiant -

Jeepers Creepers -

The Velvet Set 8pm-10pm

The Velvet

1. Css - Left Behind

2. BMX - Theme To BMX

3. Cut Copy - Saturdays

4. M83 - Kim & Jessie

5. Alphabeat - Touch Me Touching You

6. Totally Michael - Casual Satisfaction

7. Does It Offend You Yeah? - Dawn Of The Dead

8. Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body

9. Prince - Let's Go Crazy

10. Alan Parsons Project - Be Like You (The Twelves Mix)

11. Supertramp - The Logical Song

12. Steely Dan - Peg

13. Journey - Any Way You Want It

14. The Squeeze - Cool For Cats

15. Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That

16. Asia - Heat Of The Moment

17. Jefferson Starship - Sarah

18. Echo and The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

19. Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon

20. Wham - Careless Whisper

21. Kool & The Gang - Celebration

22. Toto - Hold The Line

23. Roxy Music - More Than This

24. Heart - Barracuda

25. TV On The Radio - Golden Age

26. Blondie - Call Me

27. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey

28. A-Ha - Take On Me

29. Blood Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel

30. Eddie Money - Baby Hold On

31. Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

32. Adam Ant - Goodie Two Shoes

33. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seven Ultra Lounge Sat 12pm-3pm

Seven Ultra Lounge

1. Outkast - Ghetto Music (Benny Benassi Mix)

2. Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls

3. MGMT - Electric Feel My Shit (Leif Edit)

4. The Who - Baba O'Riley (RAC Mix)

5. The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon (Mintel Rose Mix)

6. Heliocentrics Vs Cream - Sunshine Of My Love

7. Drums Of Death - Ozzy!

8. Dragonette - I Get Around

9. The Kills - URA Fever (Dubstep Mix)

10. Mt. Sims - Hate Fuck

11. The Whip - Trash (Doorly Mix)

12. Eric B and Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique

13. U-God - Ugodzilla (Yuksek Mix)

14. Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Flufftronix Edit)

15. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)

16. LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous

17. Foals - Electric Ballroom (Malente Mix)

18. The Qemists - Lost Weekend (Hot Pink Delorean Mix)

19. Mr. Miyagi - Pick Your Poison (Felix Cartal Mix)

20. S.P.A. - Pets Dance (Thoughtless Hussies Mix)

21. Playdoe - It's That Beat (Toxic Avenger Mix)

22. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (The Shoes Mix)

23. Young MC - Bust A Move (Don Rimini Mix)

24. House Of Pain vs Mickey Slim - Jump Around

25. Jeffrey Paradise - I'm Not Alright

26. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

27. Calvin Harris - Acceptable In The 80's

28. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Kissy Sell Out Mix)

29. Plump Dj's - Get Kinky

30. Common ft Pharrell - Universal Mind Control

31. Slayer - Angel Of Death (Dj Ayres Mix)

32. Uffie - Pop The Glock

33. Modeselektor - The Dark Side Of The Sun

34. Flosstradamus - Overnight Star

35. Santogold - Creator

36. Hot Chip - Shake A Fist

37. M83 - Graveyard Girl (Yuksek Mix)

38. T-Pain ft Lil Wayne - I Can't Believe It (B-Flat Mix)

39. NWA - Straight Outta Compton

40. Lil Wayne - A Millie (DJDT Mix)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Seven Ultra Lounge Set 9am-12pm

Seven Ultra Lounge

1. Dan Reeder - Work Song

2. Hot Chip - Hold On (Switch Mix)

3. The Presets - My People (D.I.M. Mix)

4. Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #5)

5. Beens - Rebels

6. True Pseudo - Eletone

7. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill (Raiders Of The Lost Ark Mix)

8. Dead Prez - Hell Yeah (Audiostalkers Mix)

9. Hollywood Holt - Caked Out (Black Holes Mix)

10. Green Velvet - Shake And Pop

11. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches

12. Whiplash - Ghetto Tears

13. Rico Tubbs - Gangsters (Discobelle Edit)

14. The Hood Internet - $100 Million Sportswear

15. The Notorius B.I.G. - Party And Bullshit (Ratatat Mix)

16. Common ft Pharrell - Universal Mind Control

17. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock

18. Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock

19. Playdoe - It's That Beat (Hydroz Mix)

20. Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line (John Bourke Mix)

21. Kid Cudi - Day N' Nite (Crookers Mix)

22. Crookers - Embrace The Martian

23. Public Enemy - Public Enemy #1

24. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Patrick Alavi Mix)

25. Lady GaGa - Just Dance (Dj Barletta Mix)

26. I Am Finn - I Love You (Van She Mix)

27. Lykke Li - Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up Mix)

28. Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Mix)

29. Freeform 5 - No More Conversations (Mylo Mix)

30. The Phantoms Revenge - Absolute Ego Riot (Louis La Roche Mix)

31. Santogold - Your Voice

32. Dave and Ansil Collins - Double Barrell

33. Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm

34. Konrad - They Call It Murder

35. Karoshi Bros - Love The World (Magik Johnson Mix)

36. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Flufftronix Mix)

37. Dj Topcat - 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Secret Set 01

For someone special while she works...
1. Nina Gordon - Straight Outta Compton
2. Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
3. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
4. Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes
5. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
6. Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
7. Oasis - Eyeball Tickler
8. Ash - Girl From Mars
9. Hum - Counting Stars
10. Jawbreaker - Boxcar
11. Oasis - Falling Down (Chemical Brothers Mix)
12. Journey - Any Way You Want It
13. Operator Please - Just a Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sell Out Mix)
14. Corey Heart - Sunglasses At Night
15. My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult - I Live For Drugs
16. A-Ha - Take On Me
17. Blur - Girls and Boys
18. Dr John - Right Place At The Wrong Time
19. Dominoruins - Shove
20. Iron Maiden - The Trooper
21. Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly
22. Bad Manners - Special Brew
23. Judge Dread - Look A Pussy
24. Jill Sobule - Hot In Here
25. Oasis - The Masterplan
26. Elton John - Benny And The Jets
27. Nick Glider - Hot Child In The City
28. Fourth Of July - Can't Sleep
29. Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate (Tom Campesino Mix)
30. Jets To Brazil - Sea Anemone
31. Pete Doherty - For Lovers
32. The Beatles - For No One

So....What Are You Wearing?

Seeing as i wasn't working in a club today i thought i would take a time out and throw together a simple casual outfit to spend the day in. With a couple of simple stops by Truth, Flesh Peddlers, Fabulous, and Kari you too can be acceptable in the 80's.

Up top i chose Truth's James hair in black (225L per 3 color pack or 1500L for all colors) by Truth Hawks. While you are there you can pick up this crisp clean Tshirt in ice or choose from multiple colors and 3 styles all with the same form fitting style.

These shades protecting my sun sensitive Bright Eyes in Tobacco (75L) from Posy Trudeau's Flesh Peddlers are something i randomly stumbled upon while re-touring the Juicy boardwalk with a friend. They are called Da Shutter (100L) by dango Jewell of FabulouS and are scripted in 8 colors.

Toss on these comfy lay around on your day off denim John Doe jeans by Menno Ophelia's Kari label and you are ready to say "Yes, Yes i will do some cocaine with you. Meet me by your DeLorean"

And last but not least something to tie together all that black and white....(See what i did there). I chose this pair of Shreds in Vapor (300L) also by Truth.

So be lazy on your day off and toss something cool yet casual together. I'll see you next post it's almost underground set time.

SLurls Full Outfit Credits

Truth -

Kari -

Flesh Peddlers -

FabulouS -

Other Credits

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Normal Shaved (1800L) by KaoZ Koba
Piercing - addiXion - addiXion Lip Ring Piercing (90L) by Xekollo Shilova
Tattoo - Truth - Monroe (475L) by Truth Hawks
Nails - Sinistyle - Taped Fingers & Black Nails (25L) by Krius Misfit

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Popscene Weds 9am-11am


The Setlist

1. The Shackletons - Tremble

2. The Wet Secrets - Secret March

3. Let's Wrestle - I Won't Lie To You

4. Kiss Kiss Kiss - Recorded Smiles

5. White Rabbits - The Plot

6. Harrisons - Metropolis

7. Low Vs Diamond - Heart Attack

8. The Teenagers - Homecoming

9. Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Teenagers Mix)

10. Jay Reatard - See/Saw

11. Liz Phair - Supernova

12. The Cops - It's Epidemic

13. The Fashion - Like Knives

14. The Infadels - Love Like Semtex

15. TV On The Radio - Red Dress

16. Regurgitator - Blood and Spunk

17. The Luxury Tax - Valium Pill

18. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

19. Prototype - Gentleman

20. Matt & Kim - Good Ole Fashion Nightmare

21. Fishboy - Minus Two

22. Placebo - Pure Morning

23. The Black Hollies - Paisly Pattern Ground

24. A Gun Called Tension - 2 Gold Franxs

25. Twist Oliver Twist - Sass It

26. Apes - Beat Of The Double

27. Be Your Own Pet - The Kelly Affair

28. Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea

29. Freshkills - I Know I Know

30. Dananananaykroyd - Pink Sabbath

31. Head Of Femur - Climbing Up Fire Escapes

32. Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (RAC Mix)

33. The Coast - Tightrope (Tokyo Police Club Mix)

Yet Another Second Life Blog

Hello out there fiends of the blogoshphere. I am Niko Lyle and this is yet another blog filled with random things that a person might encounter while perusing the avenues of Second Life. From the clubs to the streets with a slight detour to my dj setlists, i plan to spew forth more worthless garbage to clutter your minds and cleanse your souls. With that said....Let us begin!