Monday, September 29, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i was feeling like going out for a jog and though this outfit is already aging by the second in blog time it was something i didn't want to just toss in the scrap pile.

The mop today is Naughty - Tamed (300l per color or 2000L for all 45 colors) in black and is one of my most go to hair styles. Simple clean and attractive.

The shades are FNKY! Aviator III - Black (300L per color 1000L for the fatpack).

Up top today i have the jacket portion of Donavan Brennen's Gearshift - MIA Tracksuit (500L for Jacket and Pants). A great purchase with many available options and sculpties to tinker with. Not to mention its stylish look and great graphics. There are two versions of this tracksuit available and both are top notch.

Underneath i chose the Kari - Farang beer T (90L) in blue. It is a shame you can't see the entire graphic in this shot, but if you have become a fan of Kari you know this is a quality product. Like with his other T's it can be worn as a jacket layer or tucked in two versions, one with moth holes on the shirt layer. It also features sculpted cuffs.

These are the pants portion of the MIA Tracksuit and as you can see they are well made with a great double stripe that run the length of the legs. These come with sculpted cuffs that hang well over the shoes of your choice. You are also provided with two pairs of mens boxers to wear underneath if needed. Also on the cuffs are a great pair of drawstrings that have great details. and can be seen in the following photo.

Once again i have chosen the Soreal City Steps (395L per color or 695L for packs of 3 colors) in blue this time to trod around the vast Second Life streets. If you haven't treated yourself to a pair of these you should get out there and get to it already. Most well made atheletic shoe available for men in my opinion.

In the end i think if nothing else this is a suitable workout outfit that looks fine for a day out shopping as well. Nothing too over the top but nothing below the bar either.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Influence Hair by Naughty -


Gearshift -

Kari -


Other Credits

Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Supreme Lion -

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo skin normal Shaved -

Bracelet - Brogear - Keyboard Keys Bracelet -

Sinistyle - Taped Fingers & Black Nails -

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