Sunday, September 21, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Another day off and another outfit for a night out on the town. Yet again i seem to have wound up with another simple and attractive 80's look. I blame the release of Jesseaitui Petion's Redeemer Skins (1700L for a limited time) and my sudden addiction to the color pink.

The mop today is is a great choppy and wavy cut called Deadline (130L) from Noam Sprocket's Gritty Kitty label. I had to edit this to fit my fat head and it was simple to manipulate for a nice snug fit.

The glasses are FNKY! GC2564 (300l per color 1000l for all colors) by Funk Schnook and are available in two sizes, seven frame colors and five lense tints. The purchase gives you a nice looking variety of options to fit a large number of looks from classy to casual.

To cover this new skin i tossed together a couple of great things from a shop that every man should have stashed away in his LM folder, Valiant by Wavie Haller.

The suit is called Black David and comes in two seperate pieces (Jacket and Pants) for 250L each respectively. The jacket has a nice shape and prim cuffs for a comfy loose fit.

Underneath the jacket i chose his N Flite T-Shirt (175L for each of the 3 color options) for its great colors. This really seemed to make the suit both casual cool while providing a bit of pop to the simple black tones of the suit.

The pants portion of the David Suit are very well drawn with an attention to detail in both the textures shading and the small details such as the seam and button.

The prim pants cuffs are nice and loose and hang over your shoes giving the suit another one of its fine yet casual details. I found them to fit well without editing.

I know what you are going to say. Niko these boots have been out for ages why are you talking about them now. I find that as i age in SL many things i have purchased vanish into folders never to be seen again. These boots however are a different story and i seem to keep finding myself coming back to them over and over again.

They are the Oslo (350L per color or 1000L for all 4 colors) from Eponymous Trenchmouth's Jeepers Creepers and come in 4 various colors. As you can see he spared no expense on both the texture of the boot but the tiny details that make these so attractive.

An outfit isnt an outfit without some sort of nice small detail to throw everything together. This pretty little ring was a gift from Esme Milena and unfortunatley i'm not sure how you might go about obtaining one. She provided a ton of different scripted color options for its polka dots and it moves along well with my AO which is always a plus.

As you can see. Not every outfit has to be about the absolute newest item available. Dig around in those inventories and toss in something versatile with a new item or two and you will be ready to get out and be seen.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Aitui -

Gritty Kitty -


Valiant -

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