Thursday, September 25, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

For today's outfit which turned out to be a mini Civvies showcase, I thought I would take some simple colors (red, black and white) and toss them into a Japanese blender.

Up top today one of my absolute favorite hairs The Enda in Black from Philotic Energy. I couldn't manage to find this hair any longer at her new location, but stop in anyway because atm she has another great male hair Billie II on sale in the full color range for only 50L.

This insanely detailed mask the Oni Mask in White (333L or 1333L for all 5 colors) is from a shop called Akibe and there are a large variety of colors as well as other masks available. I thought it went well with my Dragon Parasol (200L 2 other styles available) from Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos.

The new coat and hoodie sets from Civvies (350L per color combination) are yet another fine release from Posy Trudeau with great details on the buttons. There are prim hoodie and cuffs that match up great at the connecting point and they come in a range of 4 color combinations each with its own title and graphic design. The one that I am wearing is entitled Good Fortune.

Another great recent release at Civvies are these Baggy Jeans in Hellbound (a second style called Deathwish also available for 200L each) which have a great large bunched up cuff instead of the normal jean flaring. The detail on the jeans is both well drawn and unique and i think you could easily use these with a variety of different casual looks.

Out of all of the cherished sneakers i carry with me each day there is no other when it comes to realism like these SOREAL City Steps (395L per color or 3 color packs for 695L). One of the absolute best looking shoes in all the grid and versatile enough to fit just about every occassion. If you even slighty like these i suggest getting at least a 3 color pack as i found myself returning over and over again to get colors to match other things i was throwing together.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Philotic Energy -

Akibe -

Cherry Tokyo Kimonos -

Civvies -


Other Credits

Tattoo - Samurai Ghost (200L) - Slinked Tattoos

Tease Gloves in Black (No Longer Available) - Sandshack Surf Co.

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