Saturday, April 4, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

The weather is starting to finally warm up and turn things into spring here in Texas and that means it is time for me to bleach my hair blonde and start getting ready for the summer.

Up top today is the Argrace Baseball Cap -Shaggy (250L per tone or 1400L for the pack) in blonde. This was one of my favorite hairs for a good while and with good reason.

The cap isn't overly large and the hair is easy to adjust to fit while having amazing looking details and texture work.

This slick looking sheer top is a release i first saw on Second-Man and never realized that it was sheer. This opens up a wealth of layering options from undershirts to tattoos. The tops are called Rajasthani Sheer Shirts (130L) and are from Zanzo.

There are five different choices in graphics and color combos and all have a unique and easy to wear look to them. Paired up with your favorite summer cloth trouser or short you can't go wrong with these at any summer get together.

Once again I had to go back to Kalrau for a different variation of his Plaid Shorts (250L). These are the M2 and I thought the colors paired up well with the top and the shoes I chose for this outfit.

These have simply been my go to short when ready to tool around the grid on a warm day. Easy to fit pockets and no massive calf muscle stretching like some shorts tend to do. There are a few different versions of these as well as a good looking pair of male capri pants that would work for many summer outfits as well.

I can't seem to stop buying shoes lately and that is always a good thing. Many males on the grid have a tough time finding them and recently there have a been a nice selection of releases from a nice amount of different shops.
These are the Aitui 9ifni Sneakers (499L) and like some of the other shoes available on the grid they have a large range of scripted options to customize the shoe in a ton of different combinations of colors on each piece of the shoe. A great release that gives you tons of the shoes for the price of a pair.
SLurls And Other Credits
Other Credits
Necklace - Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry - Magik Vial Necklace Multi
Bracelet - Mhaijik Things - Mhaijik Brown Beads Stacked 3 Bracelet

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