Thursday, April 30, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I make my return to the world of fashion blogging. Various other projects along with an appearance in Second Man's Blogger throwdown were taking up my time. I do promise however that I have been shopping and planning quite a few new posts.

Up top today another good looking hair from MaDesigns. This one is called Boyd (300L per 3 tone pack or 50% off the full pack of 39 colors at 1950L atm) in Natural Black I and was very simple to toy with and edit to fit.

The other day I noticed a preview photo for a selection of new graphics T's on Jesseaitui's Flickr and rushed to his shop only to find out they weren't set out just yet. However now they are and you have five nice new T's to cover the flesh from the summer sunburns.

The one shown here is called City Of Music (110L per shirt) but be sure to check out each of the other four available and bring a lady friend as there are five new T's set out for them as well and all are top notch in quality.

Another really smooth purchase for summer are these Calf Pants (100L per tone) from Addict. With their well made comfortable looking texture and a nice looking belt included in the design you are ready to enjoy the upcoming heat.

There are a variety of different designs to be found in a nice variation of colors for you to pair up with your favorite summertime outfits. The cuffs included fit well naturally on my shape but im sure they would be a breeze to edit if so needed to fit a larger avatar.

The shoe today is a newish release from Hoorenbeek called the Cargo (520L per color or 2400L for all ten) shown here in black and if you haven't seen any of the RL inspired designs being put out you should at least go down and have a try before you buy look. They are all expertly crafted with very serious attention to detail.
However while saying this if you aren't able to spend much L these may not be the shoe for you. There is no scripted version so expect to pay quite a bit for all of the versions of each new style.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani - Neo V2 Dark Face 1 Eyeliner
Eyes - M. Fox Eyes Reg Size *Hazel*
Unavailable as far as I know. They were a gift <3
Mask - Sloppy Seconds - Respirator Mask - Clean
Bracelet - Flatlined - Hospital Bracelet

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