Sunday, May 10, 2009

Indie Rock For RFL Fashion

There is a wealth of great fashion that can allow you to give to the upcoming Indie Rock For Relay For Life extravaganza coming up this week. If you are not really a fan of the music but love to shop these are items that you may enjoy by quality builders that are giving all proceeds to the cause.

Seen here a special version of the This Is A Fawn Faux Bois Tee. Unfortunately this is the only male item featured however it is well made and a great way to make any donation you feel comfortable with to the cause.
Not only was she kind enough to make an item for the male shopping community she also put out this version of her Hax Dress the Dip Dye. As you can see it keeps the same color scheme so if you are a couple planning to donate and like to wear something matching this could be an easy one stop shop donation to make.

If you have seen her previous releases and liked them you will be happy to know that she didn't shy away from her proven formula for this one off and it is as top notch as any other release.
This release comes from Pig and is called Grandma Dropped Her Pocket. A great looking casual cardigan unisex sweater easy to layer over a variety of other undershirts. It has a soft comfy look and nice detailing with the long string of buttons and body hugging design.

The undershirt here is also available from Pig though it is a normal release and wouldn't contribute to the RFL cause. However don't let that stop you from having a look as the pair go perfectly together.
Here is another nice release and not a clothing item just in case you feel like your closet may be full enough already. They are the 50 Flats Cheese flats with their tasty texture and a nice variety of options for wear.

They come like the version shown here as well as one with no bows and bows attached to the heel of the flat. It is nice to see such a wide variety of options being made available and knowing that any purchase goes to support a good cause.

This is a complete outfit from So Many Styles called the High Waist Button Shorts in Teal and Top.
You will recieve both items with your purchase. As you can see from the photo the shorts are creative and not like the run of the mill releases that mimic so many other common things on the grid.
The top included works well with the outfit or on its own layered under any of your other favorite sweaters or jackets such as the cardigan above.
SLUrls and Other Credits

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