Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Indie Rock For RFL Information and DJ Schedule

Indie Rock for RFL is back for a second year to bring together music and design to raise funds and awareness for Relay for Life, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Last year we raised over a million Linden dollars in a weekend, this year we're coming back bigger and better, hoping to do even more!

Please join us for five days of music spun around the clock, brought to you by some of the finest indie music DJs in SL! Our double-sim carnival features interactive amusement park creations from Carnivale by Atom Burma, shopping on the boardwalk filled with items generously donated by over fifty of your favorite SL designers, live concert performances, auctions, and more! The park opens at 11am SLT on May 13, runs through...as long as you want to be here, on May 17. 100% of all proceeds from the entire event goes directly to Relay for Life, so come out to dance and donate, an amazing party for a very important and worthwhile cause. See you there!

Wednesday, May 13:
11am-1pm Bonni Wilde1pm
3pm Isaac Ceawlin3pm
5pm Viviana Lusch
5pm 7pm Mari Radikal
7pm-8pm Phemie Alcott (live performance)
8pm-9pm Cholgosh Swindlehurst
9pm-11pm xSaraho Mornington
11pm-1am Kathess Unplugged

Thursday, May 14:
7am-9am Mistersamiam Writer
9am-11am ramdog Mimulus
11am-1pm Kristen Rubble
1pm-3pm Sjofin Oh
3pm-5pm Walter Vieria
5pm-7pm Jed Brimm
7pm-9pm Esme Milena
9pm-11pm Dawn Wickentower
11pm-1am Clark Bowenford

Friday, May 15:
1am-3am Adeline Blackthorne
7am-9am Jessie Sands
9am-11am Rance Alva
11am-1pm Uma Ceawlin
1pm-3pm Mariza Reifsnider
3pm-5pm Lux Yao
5pm-5:30pm Wet Tee Shirt Contest (live act)
5:30pm-7pm Izzy Bereznyak
7pm-9pm Woodrow Stapleton
9pm-11pm Colleen Lillihook
11pm-1am Alicia Falworth

Saturday, May 16:
1am-3am Robinlynne Raymaker
3am-5am Poise Collins
5am-7am jake Daviau
7am-8am SL Heights (live act)
8am-9am Mzdeedee Dagger
9am-11am Niko Lyle
11am-1pm Krakov Letov
1pm-3pm Electric Emmons
3pm-5pm Clive Munson
5pm-7pm Jasper Haifisch
7pm-9pm Lolotehe Menoptra
9pm-11pm Astrud Sands
11pm-1am OMGWTF Barbecue

Sunday, May 17:
1am-3am Johnny Barbecue
3am-5am Katelynn Dastardly
5am-7am Danana Dodonpa
7am-9am Mericat Ireland
9am-11am Therese Slade
11am-1pm Space Grelling
1pm-3pm Samara Cioc
3pm-5pm Hotjack Canning
5pm-7pm ssmariner Flossberg
7pm-9pm Darn Darwin
9pm-11pm Laila Thibedeau
11pm-1am Violet Morellet


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