Thursday, August 6, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Recently I broke down and gave in on buying yet another skin. I had never owned a Belleza and I was there just having a browse to see what might fit me as sadly the new Abyss skins just don't fit my shape the way I would like.

Comparatively they are both great looking skins and either would be a great option for an upgrade to your avatars looks. The Belleza I finally chose was this the Jonas pale 2-EE (2000L per skin 5000L for 4 and 12000 for all) and there were a ton of available options for facial hair and skin tone as well as having a very well made and attractive body.

I promised to cover more of the releases at Nuit Wonder's NU label as well and I have done just that by combining two of his top releases here as well as covering his most recent release.

The top combo I choose were to layer one of the Pullover Inner Longshirts (125L) in blue over the Check Pullover Shirt (225L) also shown in blue. These are a great pair of shirts to pair together as they can be worn with either on top and still look great. There are a nice amount of available colors to choose from and all look great for a very fair price. I look forward to all future releases from this up and coming shop and you should too.

His most recent release are a slick looking pair of chinos simply called Color Chinos (190L) and shown here in white. They have a nice secondary color around the pockets and bottoms of the rolled pair of cuffs.

You will also receive two different pairs of cuffs allowing for a summer type rolled up look as well as a plain straight legged pair of cuffs for a more dressed up look.

Plenty of different tones and various fabric textures allow for a nice variety of looks that they can be used in and I think you will like this release.

An older name in men's shoes that is soon to return with some new product is Proda Jie. Luckily I happened to be djing a set on the evening that he had just finished up his new Vanness Sneaker.

He said they were soon to be released on the grid and would be scripted for size. As you can see no detail was spared and each texture and lace is made to look very realistic as well as the display of the small tags on the tongue and sides. Great to see this designer back on the grid with new product as they are all top notch.

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Glasses - The Naked Tree - Nerdy Glasses

Hair - Uncle Web - Hibiki - Black

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