Sunday, August 16, 2009

So...Where Are You Shopping?

A very well styled new shop has been slowly sneaking it's way into my male favorites with each new release. The shop is called NU! and it is owned by one Nuit Wonder.

There are a nice selection of items so far and the releases since the shop opened haven't been slowing down. This V Neck Shirt was the most recent release and as you can see there are plenty of tones to choose from and each item is well made with great shading and hand drawn detailing.

Another fairly recent release that should be in every man on the grids closet is at least one of the many versions of Nuit's Cuffs shirt.

It looks great on it's own as a jacket with the very easy to fit prim attachments and the many choices of color and pattern variation. Also it can easily be tossed under any of your favorite jackets like the one available in the shop or a nice fall/winter sweater. The layers are all their and just waiting to be worked into plenty of your favorite outfits.

Not only are there a nice number of different tops available, Nuit also has a nice full range of various pants and shorts to mix and match his things with.

The Color Chinos shown here come in eight different tones and plaids and will also include a rolled up cuff or a straight legged cuff along in the package. They fit well and the cuffs are a snap to edit and seemed to match up very well without any need to slightly edit the texture. The rolled cuffs are neat in that they show off a different fabric on the inside of the cuff.

He also has a really nice looking amount of denim shorts primed and ready for the summer with the same great options of having both a multiple cuff and a belted or not version of the release.

All of his items are very fairly priced for the quality of the work and as you can see with each new release he adds something very different to his line keeping your outfit options almost endless in this one shop alone. I look forward to each new release that comes down the pipes and I hope the rest of you readers will too.


NU! -

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