Monday, June 1, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

While doing some shopping oddly enough for a recent dj set involving the 50's I wound up stumbling upon this great new hair from Uncle Web called Hibiki.

It has a really smooth looking texture as well as great choppy bangs and is definately one of the better short styles for males I have seen. While there be sure to check out the other styles as they have a nice variety in cuts, tones, and a good number of sizing options available in each package.

Let's face it, the summer has begun and you would only be a d-bag running around in a sweater everyday. Get out there and find some fun Tees to sport around on those hot summer days and enjoy being a bit more casual.

This is a Tee from FLUO called simply shirt Moustache in black. There were a good number of bright popping graphics to choose from for both men and women and nice pricing allows you to pick up a few all at once.

The men of the grid have been lucky for a while now to have been spoiled by Simone Stern's Style Starts Here line and this pair of Heavy Pants shown in black are no exception.

There are multiple colors all featuring the tight well textured look you see here. Also be sure to have a look at her many other new releases as she has been very prolific as of late and many of those releases have been for the boys. Expect to see a few other new releases from her shop featured here soon.

I have to admit up front that lately I can't stop wearing almost nothing but sandals as there have been many new options available on the grid.
However with this outfit I was reminded of the one of the many great styles of shoes found at Detour. The pricing per pair or pack may seem a bit high, but if you can afford it they are all very well made and the fatpack is in one nice scripted package and comes with a bonus color.

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