Friday, June 5, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I took a moment to have a spin at some of the releases burning up the blogs as of late. Up top is a nice shaggy style from Uncle Web called Ewan (190L per tone)and as you can see its a tad longer then a short hair and chopped and chunky for a nice lazy relaxed summer look.

I paired them with a nice older pair of aviator shades from Emery who is back on the scene with a large variety of fun summer selections that are more then worth looking at if you get the chance.

Probably the hottest shirt on the grid atm is bound to be the new Reek Baseball Tee (199L per ten shirt pack). There are a large number of available colors and the very generous packs are more then affordable and worth each linden.

Well made seams and a nice mixture of both dark and lights between both packs make this a perfect shirt to pair with just about any jean or short you may have in your inventory. Get out there and pick them up today.

Another new release to hit the grid just in time from summer comes from an old favorite. These are the Arai Hemp Short Pants (50L per tone) in Beige and are also a very well made yet fair priced item to toss a few lindens away on.

They come in a nice range of tones and match up very well with the Hemp Tees that you can pick up while there. The pockets and drawstrings are nice detail touches and give a smooth laid back feel to any summer jaunt you may find yourself involved in.

Another release that has been well covered and yet works well with the baseball tees are the Ubu Drunks (595L). By now you have seen them all over the grid but the true power in them is the ability to change virtually every piece of them to match up with the color combos of the tees.
As you can see it was simple and easy to make a unique creative match for the tee I chose here and with endless combos you too could use them with any and all of the great tees. A ton of shoe for the price which is welcome given the high price of most well made footwear for men.
SLUrls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani Fashion Designs - Liam - Clean Eyeliner Tan
Necklace - Luc Lameth Fashion Jewelry - Magick Vial Necklace

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