Friday, July 24, 2009

Private Parts

So I had to work last night and I may be a bit tired this morning, but there was no way I was not going to get off my rump and cover the private sale going on now for This Is A Fawn and Epoque. This sale will only continue until Sunday and all items will be retired once the sale is over.

When I came home for my 2am lunch hour things had just kicked off and there were plenty of great sights and beautiful people hanging out to have a look and take advantage of the limited and preview releases available.

As you can see from my quickly taken photos OMGWTF Barbecue did not just toy around with making some unique and creative designs available for you to rush in and get your hands on.

The prices are amazing for the quality of work and if you saw my post yesterday I suspect that each of the female items will all impress that get down there and snag them all up. Two tops and two dresses all easily affordable and ready to wear.

Vintage McMillan's Epoque line showcased the other half of the limited sale releases and pieced together from both you could easily walk away with an entire fresh and fashionable outfit.

As you can see there are some new pieces of jewelry available each with stylish appeal and a careful attention to each detail and creativity in the pieces design. A nice variety to choose from will make it simple to walk away with at least one new piece for your collection.

Another suprise promo release that you can feast your eyes on while there are the Promo Heels to highlight the upcoming Epoque shoe line.

They have a nice shaping and a good looking texture that makes me wonder if we males may be lucky enough to get a release or two once the full range of shoes are placed on the racks. There are two versions of the release available at the sale in simple yet perfect black and white and both come with the same creative reversed texturing.

Join either group for This Is A Fawn or Epoque to be given the exclusive LM

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