Thursday, July 23, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

I have started to realize that I am sort of sitting on my hands and not getting nearly enough posting done. There are a ton of new products on the grid and though I haven't been quite as well off with all of the charity work going on recently, it did not mean that I was not out shopping.

First up some great recently released Honig Glasses (150L) from Gritty Kitty. They come scripted with a great variety of tinted lenses perfect for photo taking as you can get the reflection of say a city or simply browsing for porno shown in them.

Another even newer then new item that was recently dropped to me from none other then OMGWTF Barbecue of This Is A Fawn is this very comfy looking Ira sweater.

The texture is smooth and simple and not only does it seem very realistic it was all completely drawn by hand. I can't give many details on this item just yet as it is only the beta version and many variations in color or options may be added or removed before the proper release. As far as I know this may be included in the secret sale coming up soon for group subscribo members.

The new Ransom Standard Jeans are from a shop I recently stumbled upon after viewing Trevor Turner's blog.

The shop is called Chinese Takeout and if you rush in there today everything is on sale for only 50L but the sale will end on the 24th so time is fleeting. There are a nice variety of this jean ripped or not as well as some great tops to be found and all at the great low price. The cuffs are nice and large and are easy to fit over whichever shoe you may wear as well as only needing simple light tinting to match up nicely.

A shoe I honestly did not get nearly enough use out of but wish I had was the Urban Bomb Unit Drunks. It is not that I had something against the product. It has tons of variations embedded in the scripts to make many great combinations in any way you see fit.

It was that for me I just couldn't wear them with a lot of my favorite pants without them wanting to peek through the cuffs or having to high water them up and distort the look of the pants. However if this is not a problem for you this shoe will provide tons of bang for your buck.

SLUrls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

This Is A Fawn -

Chinese Takeout -

Urban Bomb Unit -

Other Credits

Skin - Damiani Fashion Designs - Liam - Full Beard Eyeliner Tan

Hair - Uncle Web - Hibiki - Black

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