Friday, July 3, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I wanted to feature another bit of a man in pink outfit and I was lucky to find a few nice things around to add to its flair.

First up the new Fedora Hat "Natural Mid" (250L) from Argrace that is available at the hair fair. A very fair price for both a great looking hair and a nice contribution to Locks Of Love. It has a very smooth shape and a nice number of scripted color combo options for the hat itself. Though you must fight the lag to get it it is well worth the trip out.

The next item up is a new slick looking sheer top from Zanzo called the Persian Sheer Shirt (130L per color or 520L for the pack) shown here in pink though there are five different tones to choose from with various designs on each.

Also since I went with a sheer top I thought this would be a good time to display a new tattoo from Devol called Crow Message To Earth (280L). It has a well drawn upper body covering design that pays very close attention to detail with its verses covering the majority of your chest and back.
I can't get enough of the various male pants from Style Starts Here. From nice looking slack type pants to some of the best looking jeans on the grid there are plenty of choices for men looking to cover their business.

The pair shown today are the white version of the Deep Pocket Cargos (125L per color). There is a large selection of twelve different colors of pants and at this affordable price it would be plenty easy to fill up the old closet with them. Stylish and well shaded to make for a snug fit should put these on any fashionable males shopping list.

Another older yet made for summer release that I just can't stop wearing are the Detour Flip Flops (400 per pair or 1500 for all five plus a bonus color in a scripted version) shown here in white. While a bit pricey especially for a flip flop they will serve you well at many a beach gathering or a down south BBQ.
There are a few different color choices so bring a hefty wallet and get primed and ready for all of your summer needs. If nothing else they will give you a perfect chance to show off those old school non prim web toes we have all come to know and love.
SLUrls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Liam - Clean Eyeliner Tan
Bracelet - Flatlined - Hospital Bracelet
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