Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Yesterday while attempting to throw together a ghostly cowboy outfit for the death of a friend's land party I ended up making a second more normal Western Themed outfit. Being Texan I figure I was bound to have at least one of these at some point and here are the results.

Up top is my fav Cowboy Hat and Hair combo from Moderno called Keith. Unfortunately this is no longer available on the grid but a simple and great replacement could be the hat from Illusions.

This very stylish and well made Western Shirt (120L per or 420L for the pack) comes from Endeavor. It has a lot of really well drawn textures and shading. The silky texture that borders the collar shines well and you can almost feel the soft smooth fabric just looking at it.

If you opt for the fatpack you get a very nice variety of color and layer options along with it to fit just about every need from everyday cowboy to a city slicking western look.

I have featured the Argrace Cut Fit Denim Jeans (120L) in a previous post and I am finding that although I first purchased them to match up with new line of their products they have ended up being my go to boots cut jean.

The cuffs are easy to move around and fit over any boot I have in my inventory and the textures match up very smoothly allowing you to not have to tint and tinker with them yourself.

How I ever managed to not find something for myself at J's shoe shop I will never know. Having had to pay a visit to check pricing on some of my female blog guests work I seemed to not really notice the many male options in the store.
The Western Boots (350L) shown here in black are a perfect classic looking boot. They appear clean and new and ready to be broken in on a dusty plain or along your favorite city street. Smooth subtle details help round out a well made and ready to be worn boot.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Toothpick - I made it ;)
Skin - Damiani - Neo V2 - Eyeliner
Tattoo - Addict - Showing Love
Finger Tape - Sinistyle - Taped Fingers & Black Nails

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