Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today up top we have...A HUGE FUCKING SQUID!. Actually this was a purchase I made a good while ago and thought would fit perfectly with today's tentacle themed outfit. Slushy The Cuddly Alien Squid from Urban Underground. This honestly needs to be seen to be believed let's all hope the shop returns soon.

The new shades are from Role Optic and are called Mission (349L). They have an included HUD and tons of variables to tinker and toy with to fit your own personal style.

People get ready OMGWTF Barbecue has emerged from hiding and it turns out she was in process of creating some clothing soon to be released under the name This Is A Fawn. She was nice enough to hand out this preview gift to a select few folks called the Octopussy T-Shirt and I expect her to follow up with many various styles once the shop is set up and running.

Her releases will mainly be female though there will be some unisex items available with plans to expand in the near future.

I really never got into rolled pants or shorts for some reason in my time spent in SL. As i look through my inventory I see only a small handfull of things and I'm not so sure why.

I noticed this pair of Classic Black Jeans (200L)recently while in Calypso Giano and while I had seen them many times before I never thought to give the rolled leg version a try. Much to my suprise they fit very well and make for a nice option as we start to approach spring weather and can finally crawl out from under some of our winter layers.

Today's new kicks come from J's and are called the P.E. Sneaker (300L per color or 1200L for all 8). They are a well sculpted shoe that shows off plenty of attention to detail not only in the shoe itself but in the laces and stitching as well.
The only downside is trying to decide which color to buy as each color could bring to mind plenty of outfits. They also come in plenty of various sizes to fit virtually any avatar.
SLurls and Other Credits
This Is A Fawn - Coming Soon Stay Tuned!
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Normal Shaved
Hair - MADesigns - Bernard - NBIII
Undershirt - Unknown Boutique - Diamond Cardigan - Red
Socks - Detour - Sporty Socks - White - Short

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