Friday, February 6, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Another day another odd spot of inspiration. This time instead of the manly man looks i've been stuck on lately I thought I would be a bit more dandy and this is how.

Up top one of the new releases from Vintage Wear called Pretty Boy (250L per tone pack or 825L for fatpacks) shown here in black. As you can see the left side is combed tight to the head and on the opposite the bangs have a nice soft fluffy look to them. Hopefully we men will be lucky enough to have a few future releases thrown our way soon.
I knew that an old friend and fan had been off venturing the world and doing creative things while we hadn't spoke.

This is one of those things from Draco Nacht's Nacht Musik the Skull Argyle Sweater (100L). Don't let this one casual piece fool you however. His shop is filled to the gills with both male and female Victorian fashion and a few other various styles all well made and unique with nice lines and great pricing for the quality of work. If the shop is new to you stop by and have a look for yourself.

I have to start by saying that I have always had trouble with SL shorts. They tend to always have cuffs that are a battle to fit or floating pockets that after editing hate me even more. For some reason (My fault not the creators I'm sure) I just have never really been able to sport any longer version shorts.

Now all of that has changed as I hit buy with my fingers crossed on the Black Shorts (250L) from Kal Rau. The pockets fit well and the bottom had no warping or jutty edges. My faith in shorts is restored.

Yes it is the Akeyo Cora (600L) sneaker being in my blog yet again. Seen enough color combos and possible uses yet....
Thought so so just go buy a pair already. Tons of scripted coloring options and easy resize should make these nothing more then a tp > buy > enjoy away. A ton of shoe at a very very fair price as seperate color combos could have sold for tons more seperately.
Slurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Aitui - Redeemer - Tone 1 - Shaved - Eyeliner
Kitten - A.I.F. - Bengal Kitty
Necklace - Deco - Penis Bone Necklace
Tattoo - Addict - Showing Heart

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Meta Constantine said...

I often have problems with shorts as well, I really enjoy the pinstripe prints on those. I favor cargo pants and shorts in RL, for comfort and utility you really can't beat them but the prim pockets here in SL always seem to require arduous minutes of refitting and shaping to get them to appear as anything remotely more acceptable than a couple of cloth bricks hanging off your thighs.