Monday, February 16, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today is another outfit that was put together from random purchases over the weekend.

First off is a new Non-Eyeliner Beard Skin (gasp) from Aitui's Redeemer (1400L at the marked down price per skin) collection. The skins are marked down a bit atm so if you missed out on the first round now is a good chance to demo and pick some up.

The hair is another solid release from MADesign called Crew (300L per tone or 1800L for the pack) in Ash Brown. Plenty of hairs to choose from now and easy as can be to edit to fit.

While browsing in Aitui's skin section I noticed that I somehow missed this release and picked one up. It is the Legacy Jacket (300L per tone)and comes in a nice variety of colors other then the orange shown here.

There is a prim collar and pair of cuffs along with the package as well as a verison of the coat that is only the jacket layer. Easy to mix and match with plenty of other undershirts if you so choose to do so and one of the more unique styled jackets out on the grid atm.

This was another release that I bought the pack for ages ago and have yet to really use just yet. The Novocaine Cafe Trouser (155L per pair or 1000L for the pack) shown here in Charcoal has a very nice rich texture that looks very comfy and easy to edit cuffs. They are available in 8 different tones as well to suit various outfit needs.

I also noticed the Boon Glasses BF1.6acce (260L)and grabbed some of those due to the three various ways to wear them. Plenty of scripted colors and 3 ways to attach made these a nice package.
I have posted the Algernon Canvas Lace Sneaker (270L) before and it is a great shoe. However while there are plenty of scripted color combos contained within I find myself going back to this shoe time and time again for one main reason.
It is the hands down favorite orange shoe that i have in my inventory. Don't let this hold you back from your purchase however as they do give you your lindens worth in the many available shades contained within.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Gloves - Redgrave - Driving Gloves - Black
Tattoo 1 - Addict - Showing Heart
Tattoo 2 - Garden of Ku - Koi Koi - Darken

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Meta Constantine said...

Ok ok ok....who's stalking who , Niko?!

I seriously just wandered into Aitui's main store for the 1st time over the weekend chasing down some old demo I'd picked up at the Hair Fair earlier this year and immediately fell in love with that Legacy jacket and several other items.

Great Minds?

Jury's still out on that one, I'm sure.