Friday, March 20, 2009

OMG...What Are You Wearing?

I am a bit late on this but just a reminder that OMGWTF Barbecue's shop This Is A Fawn is now open. Be sure to head over and have a look whether you are male or female.

Though I have previously shown off some of the products sold there before the opening I found the shop to offer much more then just cute unisex T's and the word on the street is that there is plenty more in the works where these goods came from. It may be new and small for now but I see big things in the future for this new label.

The adds are well thought out and display all of the products in a clear and creative manner. This is the Phonics Tee and of course there is a classy looking version of each letter of the alphabet so you and some friends can get together and spell dirty words like you know you are thinking about doing.

There are a couple of T-Shirts available there as unisex items and some stylish dresses for the ladies but for now we must wait and see what will be in the next batch for us fashionable males.

Speaking of Unisex items, there are also two very well crafted and attractive shapes available in the store.

As you can see the female Lily not only has a cute curvy frame and sexy smile she also stands at a very realistic 5'4.

Boyd is a sleek slender male shape with a well chisled face and nice non-gorilla like proportions that any man should be comfortable displaying.

Last but definately not least, be sure to browse the original art there as well. Each piece is diverse and well translated into Second Life helping to bring your living space a bit more to life.

This is also an area that should be expanded in the near future alongside the other upcoming releases.

Well worth the trip and a clean new breath of fresh air to the grid. Happy shopping.


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