Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I have started my return to spring. We are having some nice warm weather now in Texas and it is good to see color coming back into fashion.

Up top is an oldie but goodie hat/hair combo from Argrace called Baseball Cap -Shaggy (250L per tone or 1400L for all) shown here in black. There is also a curly version of the hair.

The glasses are from The Naked Tree and are called Funky Shades (150L). They are scripted for 11 different colors and were easy to fit.

This perfect for spring unisex baseball tee called the Baseball V-Neck (100L for each of the nine colors) is from Kenzie & Co and comes in a nice wide range of colors. As with all of her tees the shading and texturing are top notch and bring a nice realistic feel to your AV.

As I said before though not shown here there are a lot of different colors to choose from ranging from the black shown here to a bright yellow and everything in between. It may seem that she only offers female clothing but don't be scared away from her Tee's they look great on men and women.

As I was searching for jewelry as I often do I found myself seeing a nice range of good looking things and even though there was plenty of quality to be found I just didn't see anything that original.

Luckily I finally stumble my way into a shop I had never visited before called Flatlined to find this very cool Hospital Bracelet (150L). When zoomed you can see each and every fine detail on the tag and I found it easy to fit to my wrist.

I mean to wear the Redgrave Athlete Sneakers (290L per pair or 690 for a pack of 3) more often but I seemed to keep forgetting I have them in my inventory. Luckily today I remembered and they worked out well with the sporty theme of the overall outfit.

They have a really old school feel to them like something Nike might have made in the 80's. The slick texturing and great variety of classic color combinations add to the package as each and every shadow and eye popping prim are in place.

SLurls and Other Credits

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Redgrave - http://slurl.com/secondlife/REDGRAVE%20Mens%20Fashion/35/241/23

Other Credits

Skin - Aitui - The Redeemer - Tone 2 - Chinstrap


Eyes - Arsnova - Blue - Realistic


Jeans - Armidi Limited - Lowrise Jeans - Original - Jet


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