Monday, December 8, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today was a happy day as I have yet another Gritty Kitty hair to start sporting around the grid. This one is called Barista (150L per tone)and it even comes with that snazzy scripted hat. It also has a small bunned up pony tail in the back that makes it perfect for both men and women.

I also was out checking out Pushbutton Skolnik's new enterprise Sprawl and picked up another pair of her Teashades this time i chose The Presley (100L) and i was very pleased with yellow shade of the lenses and their over all aviator look.

Up top today i have yet another one of Ducknipple's K.U.T. T's (50L each 125L per variation pack or 350L for the whole shabang). I realize you are probably sick of seeing them but there are so many variations that i just can't stop working with them.

I tossed it over an older release from Sand Shack Surf Co. the Stitched Button (110L per color or 900L for all 14 colors) up in yellow and was very happy with the results as i was attempting an old school Emma vs her new ego Hudsen buy pairing them with one of her newest releases. I always loved her texturing and style and old or new her releases are always top notch.

This watch I am fairly sure i have either used before or you have probably seen before. It is the Monogrind Steampunk Damaged Watch (136L).

The main reason that I am posting this is that i recieved an ominus group email that said that something amazing would be released soon. I am anxious about all of BV's releases as he always seems to come out with something a bit street while keeping the details at the highest quality and I can't wait to see what he has been planning to unleash on the grid.

A certain Miabella Foxley sent me a little message to remind me that the Armidi website was up and ready to eat lindens like the Second Life version of Pac Man. She also told me I needed a tight pair of lowrise jeans. Turns out the lady knows her stuff and i couldn't be more pleased with these Armidi Lowrise Original Jeans shown here in Classic Dark (2400L for the full range)

If ever you wanted to show off the power of the V this is your jean of choice. Also the prim cuffs are a snap to edit and work well with most shoes.

SLurls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Sprawl -

Ducknipple -

Sand Shack Surf Co. -

Monogrind -

Armidi -

Other Credits

Skin - Skandaloose - Gen6 - Eyeliner

Lollipop - Tokeo Plastik - Lyme (Ty Nicolette Marx who I robbed this look from)

Shoes - Akeyo - Lowtop Chucks - Green/Yellow/Green

Tattoo - Devol - Fujin Raijin-karajishi no Kanji

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