Saturday, December 27, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I finally got over the holiday slump and went out to shop for myself a bit.

As you can see i am ready for fun and mischief yet again. Up top a rehash of the hair from last post.

Hoke Troika shown here in black from Gritty Kitty (130L per tone) is this perfect hot mess of hair and it seems to work not only as a sly fashion device but also as a messy just got out of bed tough guy style.

I have to start by saying ever since i recieved the Penis Bone Necklace as a Christmas gift I wound up starting a small crush with the jewelry and accessories from Deco.

This piece is the Vintage Saw Necklace (150L). It has a well made necklace that has small connecting pieces along the it and to connect the small bit above the very well sculpted saw.

The handle of the saw has a sharp looking texture and it was easy to edit to fit snug on my neck.

I chose to layer the Valiant Winter Warmer Black Cardigan (250L) with its long fitting version and smart looking kerchief in the pocket over an oh so sassy Juicy Butts T (70L) from Fishy Strawberry.

The two work together nicely and the lettering on the T really seems to pop in contrast to the rich dark tones of the sweater. Cool and casual with a "Hey I'm a fun guy appeal" is always a plus when wanting to meet a few new people around the grid.

Last and definately not least I went out and got a little something for my home. This is the newest collectible doll on the grid from Chicanery called Grumbles (300L).

You get this very well make version that you can display as well as a version of the doll that is animated and made to join you on your travels along the grid.

Though he is a bit creepy for some for others they will find hours of enjoyment watching him watch over your home or moving around in your arms.

SLurls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Deco Jewelry and Accessories -

Valiant -

Fishy Strawberry -

Chicanery -

Other Credits

Skin - Skandaloose - Gen 6 - Osiris

Pose - Long Awkward Pose - Good Ole Boys Set - The Bender

Jeans - Armidi - Lowrise Jeans - Jet

Shoes - Monogrind - Canvas Shoe

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