Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I finally had the time to toss a few new things together and get an outfit posted. It has been a hectic week this week with the holiday and all and I just haven't had time to shop much.

Up top is the new Gritty Kitty Hoke-Troika (130L) hair in black. Its a nice style kind of a bit of a messy longer version of hat hair.

The great looking Sika Antlers (150L) come from Illusions and i picked the up while buying a minotaur mask for a good friend.

The necklace was one of the special gifts i got in return. It is called the DECO Penis Bone (150L)necklace and it has a nice penis bone trinket as well as a good looking silver chain that fit snug and simple.

I also have on another shade of the Dutch Touch Cardigan (175L) featured in my hoodie post. This is the dark olive tone and i think it worked well with the overall outfit with it's rich fall coloring and warm winter looks.

The pants today come from Savvy Avvy and are called simply Khaki Pants (179L). They come in a nice range of colors and also have a pair of prim cargo pant pockets that come along with them.

They may seem a tad bit too flared for your tastes but if so don't fear they are mod and can easily be edited to your liking. The realistic texture and nice attention to detail definately make them worth a simple mod.

For most men finding good shoes at a fair price can sometimes be tough. If you can't just plop down 3-500 a pair for a single pair these may just be the perfect option for you.
They are the Monogrind Canvas Shoe (360L) and they have some serious bang for the buck. Not only do they have the nice texturing and nice shaping, they also have 6 sole textures and 32 lace and upper textures to toy with and a handy re-size script.

Slurls and Other Credits
Deco Jewellry and Accessories -
Other Credits
Skin - Skandaloose - Gen 6 - Osiris
Tattoo - Devol - Fujin Raijin - karajishi no Kanji

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