Thursday, December 4, 2008

So...What Is She Wearing?

It's Friday again and you know what that means, yet another amazing female guest post. Today I was lucky to have Sterling Jaxxon in the Sphere and i think you will be pleased with the results.

Her hair is from ::69:: and the more i see these the more I wish that I were a female. This one is Still (200L) shown here in Rouge. There are a very large amount of well made female hairs available in this shop but only a tiny selection of male hair and that seems to be tough for most men along with shoes. You also recieve one of the great CSR winter stamp cards along with your purchase.

As you can see her top is not a top at all but in fact an adorable Cashmere vest called Jora (125L) layered over a flower patternered Autumn Dress (100L) in choco from Lo*momo.

Both of these shops were new to me and there were a nice range of different tops/bottoms/shoes and even poses to be found all at a fair price.

I am lucky to have these female guests as they show me many designers i had never looked into before.

This photo shows the skirt portion of the dress from above and there is a nice movement to it and a cute frilly lace border edging the bottom of the skirt.

She also wore LaLa FooFoo's Striped Leggings in cocoa which kept the outfit's sweet yet sassy theme tied together nicely and allowed for her boots to be shown off perfectly and in full view.

I really thought that the outfit as a whole was well put together, but for me the Asuka Boots (325L 2 pairs included) that she wore along with it may have been the highlight.

They are very long and sexy with a man crushing stilleto heel and metal textured buttons running along the length. The texture looks worn while also being very smooth allowing for the possibilty of them being used with both fashion or street wear looks and they have a handy resize script built in.

SLurls and Other Credits

::69:: -

Cashmere -

Lo*momo -

LaLa FooFoo -

League -

Other Credits

Nose Ring - Korvin Kreations - Nose Ring

Ring - Bandit Jewelry - Diamonds Party Platinum Ring

Tattoo - Custom Tattoo - Suti Capalini

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