Thursday, December 4, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today i wanted something a bit warm as it is one of those rare Texas days in which we drop below forty degrees.

I have been toying with the Skandaloose Gen 6 Skins and various hairs from out of my closet and came up with this combo of the Gen 6 - Clean (1499L per verison or 6000L for all 6) and an older hair from The GL.

Deliquent (250L per color or 1500L for the full pack) shown here in black is really a great style and i was happy when i pulled it back out for another ride on my AV's head.

As a top today I layered two different tops from Meriken Co. and i was quite pleased with the results.

The sweater is part of a 3 Piece set called Drops (350L for Jacket/Sweater/Undershirt) in pink and i just wore the sweater portion of the set. It has a nice fuzzy and cozy looking texture and smooth looking wrinkled shading across the chest.

The undershirt is the Birdoholic Shirt (200L) in purple and works well on its own or under a jacket. It has a pattern of small flying birds that lines up well throughout the shirt.

These well made pants are from Valiant who also just released a nice large range of new T's.

They are the Dress Cord Pants (225L) in brown and i liked both the smooth crease and the sharp looking belt that comes attached so i don't have to rip my hair out while attempting to edit it to my strange shaped waist.

There are four colors available in the upstairs section of his store and all look just as well made as this pair shown here.

I rounded the outfit off with the good old trusty Shiny Things Murphys (325L) in black. I have my fingers crossed that we will see a new release for men from her soon as they have all served me well many times and in a large variety of styles.

It is rare that she makes a male themed item for us poor guys but when she does she makes sure that it is absolutely worth the sticker price. Simple yet stylish shoes and accessories that no man should be without.

SLurls and Other Credits

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