Friday, December 19, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today i am finally getting around to covering some of the recent releases from Argrace.

The new beanie hair combo called Knit Cap - Smart Short (250L per tone or 1400L for the pack) shown in black is another quality release with easy to re-size beanie and plenty of color tones to play around with all in a handy HUD.

The glasses are new from Monogrind and are called Big Glam Glasses (206L). They have a nice range of colors for both the frames and lenses and a really nice reflective texture on the lenses as well.

This is the Sweater/Muffler combo called With You (300L) also available at Argrace. It comes in many different sweater and scarf color combinations. Also there are multipe ways to wear the sweater such as with long or short sleeves and as an undershirt for a jacket as a nice collar is also provided as an option to the scarf.

The scarf itself also has a handy re-size touch script to make fitting your AV a breeze.

The jeans are also a new release from Argrace and they are called the Boots Cut Fit Denim (120L) jean.

They have a soft worn looking texture without looking too worn out to keep wearing. The seems are made well with a heavy stitch around the pockets and zipper area. There is well done shading around the front pockets to show wrinkling very well. All in all a great new pair of jeans with an easy to edit cuff.

Today's shoe is the Soma boot from Jeepers Creepers (350L) shown here in Black and Gray.

They are very well detailed like all of his other available shoes and have a nice seperation in the two tones of the leathers. The stitch that holds the three main pieces of the shoe is easy to see and adds a nice flavor to the overall boot. Not to mention the deep well made texturing that seems to show each and every indention and divit throughout.

SLurls and Other Credits

Argrace -

Monogrind -

Jeepers Creepers -

Other Credits

Skin - Skandaloose - Gen6 - Eyeliner

Poses - Long Awkward Pose

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