Thursday, December 11, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

My last post was an attempt to take the new Gritty Kitty Barista (150L per tone)hair/hat combo and use it in a casual everyday outfit. Today I make an attempt at dressing it up a bit for a fine night out on the town.

The new Nerdtastic Glasses (100L) from Tinker Hax's Amplify seemed a perfect fit for a well dressed music geek. With their taped frames and nice little skull detailing they frame the hidden geek in all of us' face well.

This outfit also gave me the perfect excuse to pick up the Armorsolo Suit (650L) from Casa Del Shai shown here in black though there is also a Stone Grey option as well.

The top is made up of two layers. The jacket and shirt can both be worn alone or mixed and matched with any other evening attire you like.

Also the jacket comes with a set of prim tails. Alas my junky trunk was unable to wear them but have no fear this suit looks great with or without if you also keep a little booty in the pants.

The pants that come along with the suit are well drawn and show plenty of wrinkles and other small details despite being a dark black suit.

The belt has a nice shiny silver buckle without it being too overstated and I always appreciate a well drawn belt included with the pants as i tend to break many of the belts i have to edit or I am simply thinner then even the female size of most.

I paired this very slick looking suit with a fine pair of Kalnins Marteno (500L) shoes. They have a nice hud menu with easy re-sizing and many different color options to choose from.

Also if you happen to be a Seven Ultra Lounge VIP you can treat yourself to a very stylish pair of Kalnins glasses for free just inside the door of the main club building.

SLurls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Amplify -

Casa Del Shai -

Kalnins -

Other Credits

Skin - Skandaloose - Gen 6 - Eyeliner

Tattoo - Slinked - Samurai Ghost

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