Sunday, December 28, 2008

So...What Are You Wearing?

It has finally become cold enough here in Texas for me to put together my first real winter outfit of the year.

Up top is the Gritty Kitty Hathair (130L per tone) in black and if you peruse my blog you will see I have managed to get plenty of use out of it.

The new skin with the lipstick kiss is the newest release from Skadaloose. This is the Gen 8 (1700L per skin or 7000L for all 8 versions) in Playboy and looks just as stunning as all of the previous releases with some nice new touches thrown in the mix.

This very well made Jacket and T-Shirt combo comes from Argrace and is called Joy (450L). It has a nice variety of ways you can wear both the jacket itself and its prims and comes in seven different colors.

I found the bottom of the jacket to be very simple to edit and in just a few minutes it fit me well without fighting with my AO as so many prim coat bottoms normally do. A great great release from one of SL's best.

I chose to pair the jacket with the slacks that came along with the Casa Del Shai Amorsolo Suit (650L). It matched up nicely and left the very well drawn belt just peeking out from underneat the T.

The suit it self is a piece that no man should be without. It comes with multiple ways to wear the Black Barong undershirt as well as with a flexi tie and prim collar. There are also two tones of the suit available. This is a very sleek suit made for a night out on the grid.

One last new release i wanted to be sure and show was the new men's Dressing Shirts (480L each or 2400L for the pack of eight) from Hoorenbeek.

They come with a ton of options on how they can be worn and in eight different shades. You can wear them in a variety of longsleeve versions with or without collars for the prim collar and with prim cufflinked cuffs. There is also a rolled up sleeve version with its own set of cuffs as well. The ties look sharp and are easy to edit to fit and you get a lot of bang for your buck in the long run with all of the available Options

SLurls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Skandaloose -

Argrace -

Casa Del Shai -

Hoorenbeek -

Other Credits

Cigarette - FNKY Cigarette II - Short Burning Ash

Poses - Long Awkward Pose - Boiling Over and Every Man

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