Thursday, October 2, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today's outfit i'm calling black and gold. Just another day off outfit to cruise around the neighborhood in.

These gold rimmed glasses are the Emery - Aviator Rosy (120L per lense color) by sunami Beck and have great detailing in both the frames themselves and the tinting on each available shade.

I'm wearing the Muism 40% Transparency Tank Top/Black (300L) today in order to show off this great tattoo from Aitui called Aggression (385L). This is honestly one of the few colored tattoos i have ever enjoyed wearing on my male avatar. Great detailing on both front and back and a nice touch of color to a rather dark outfit.

The great necklace is a trinket you may see me in quite often. It is the Hearbreaker Necklace (250L) from Goth1c0 and has a well shaped chain and two small well detailed trinkets dangling.

These pants i featured in an earlier post. They are the Muism LB Trousers (350l per color) this time in black/gold. They have the same shape and great prim cuffs as the black version but also have a great gold trim along both sides of the legs.

Also note the great detail featured in the button clasp and wrinkles along the legs. A great pair of pants to fit any occassion.

As i was popping into SOREAL to check the price on the sneakers featured in my last post i was lucky to catch Kwame Pinion there and he had just put out these new Superstars (399L per color or 3499L for all colors. Extremely real looking sneakers available in a multitude of colors.
For my money there are no more realistic looking sneakers then those available at SOREAL. The leather texturing makes you believe you could touch them and feel actual leather.
Just another simple easy to toss together outfit for a relaxing day off. See you next post <3
SLurls and Full Outfit Credits
Other Credits
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Deadline in Black
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo skin normal Shaved

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