Monday, October 13, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today's outfit isn't so much for color but packs a good bit of class. Simple and informal but nice enough to impress.

Up top im wearing the Argrace Beanie Medium - Black (250L per color or 200L for just the cap with no hair). This thing will prob end up in tons of Fall/Winter outfits. Feel free to tell me when you are sick of it. It also comes in two female hairstyles and one other shorter version for the men.

This great sweater/scarf combo is one item called the Grey Line V-Neck Sweater (250L). The scarf is a prim attachment included and you also get cuffs if you choose to wear the sweater at full sleeve length.

It is a nice and tidy package that includes all layers for both versions of the sweater and the scarf fit well and was easy to edit into place.

These Gold/Silver Black Denim Jeans (250L) also come from Valiant and have a great graphic on the back pockets and prim cuffs that may be the best matching ive seen thus far. Virtually seamless due to the nice dark fabric textures used.

As you can see there are many wrinkles and creases that help to breath some nice life into them as well as a well drawn belt.

Last but certainly not least the Oslo Boots (350L per color or the 4 color pack for 1000L) from Jeepers Creepers. Simple, elegant, and refined these boots work with virtually any outfit to give them a nice touch of class. The nice soft texture and small details like the criss crossed lacing add even more to a great shape and design.

Not a ton of color in today's outfit but plenty of attraction.

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Argrace -

Valiant -

Jeepers Creepers -

Other Credits

Piercing - Deeks - Triple Rings w/Spike Labret

Watch - Brogear - Yin-Yang Watch

Tattoo - Devol - FujinRaijin - Karajishi no Kanji

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