Sunday, October 19, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

I have yet to get around to choosing my Halloween costume for the year. Seeing as i have been so lazy about it i thought i could at least throw together something with a nice Halloween feel.

This amazing hat is a gift from a long time, hard working and generous friend Violet Morellet and as you can see it has very detailed sculpted candy around the rim. I plan on showing off a couple of the others i was lucky to get from her while playing a recent set.

It turns out i just don't have a ton of orange clothing and due to this i was lucky to do some digging and remember these great layered BeatDown Shirts (250L for all 5 colors) from Sinistyle.

Perfect for the slight cold of an October night these well textured and nicely detailed shirts come in five colors. As you can see you have the undershirt just peeking out a bit from under the longsleeve and this photo really doesn't do them justice.

Sinistyle may not always be known for casual cool style but Krius Misfit definately hit the mark here using the skills used in all of his great products to produce something laid back and comfortable.
This cuff comes from Monogrind and is simply titled the Burnt Cuff (102L). It has a highly photorealistic leather texture and flows well from the black leather into the orange/black/white checkerboard pattern.

There is also a great looking brown leather clasp on the inner wrist with a highly detailed buckle. No matter what style you have in your normal street wear i think you can find a variety of outfits to use this with as it is both a bit grimey and stylish at the same time.
So while everyone is busy being obsessed with the new SOREAL sneaker which believe me deserves it praise. Monta Horan manages to find a lesser known, yet primed for big things shop and comes out with these gems. If you haven't seen his blog yet men or women take a lesson from me here and give it a peek (Link to his blog provided on the right hand side of this blog).
These wonderful shoes come from Algernon and are the Canvas Lace Sneaker (270L for a 6 color combo scripted shoe). They are scripted in 6 different color combinations and all of them look perfect together. If you can't afford the SOREAL kicks on your SL budget this is definately a great looking well priced pair of sneakers worth each and every precious linden.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Czech Mate
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Normal Shaved
Jeans - Kari - John Doe Jeans
Bracelet - Miabella Foxley - I'm My Own Friend (personal item but keep your eyes and ears peeled for news)

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