Friday, October 31, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Since it is Halloween i thought i would toss together something a bit darker to wear.

I wanted to seem bleak and attractive so i started off with this skin that was released a good while back now called Plague (800L per tone 5 available tones).

As you can see there is heavy red toned eyeliner and lipstick that give this dark/goth like skin its androgynous overtones. There is also a female version of this skin in the same 5 tones and featuring the same makeup touches.

This great extra long scarf was also an item i picked up ages ago that still works well with current fashion trends. It comes from Goth1c0 and is simply titled Checkered Scarf (100L)

The T is Devil Horns (80L) from Tinker Hax's Amplify and it is layered over a fishnet top i picked up from Retox that has all layers and various glove options.

There is also a great dark themed tattoo underneath it all called Bio-Mechanical (200L)from KS Tattoo. It is actually a full back piece with a large skull covering most of the back.

The jeans were either a freebie or dollarbie from Argace last Christmas and are one of the darkest black jeans i have found that still hold thier texture.

I really just wanted to give a nice full body shot of just how long this scarf was as i don't see many that hang quite this low in the grid. There is also an alternate version of the scarf available with skulls drawn into the black squares if that is more fitting for your Halloween ensembles.

Another older item that i still can't find any sort of replacement for are these Emo Shoes (215L) from Monogrind. I was hoping that when he began revamping some of his older items that these would get a nice update as well, but really they never had anything wrong in the first place. As you can see both shoes are slightly different and have a great shape and texture.
Not sure exactly where this Halloween evening will lead, but i think this will be the outfit that gets me there. See you all next post.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Pride - Rage
Eyes - Armidi Body - True Enhance Eyes - Jet

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