Friday, October 31, 2008

So....What Is She Wearing?

This is going to be a new regular feature in which i will attempt to lure my female friends into tossing together some outifts for me. Since i don't get to blog much fem fashion and i know quite a few women that are very capable of keeping me in the know i will allow them to cover this side of the battle of the fashion sexes.

This outfit is entitled The Bitch Is Back from Giselle22 Bristol.

The hair comes from Kyoot Army and is called Hot Mess in Platinum. As you can see it has a stylish headband and a fun funky style to it.

She also chose an item i featured recently from Creamshop, the Linen Stole Muffler seen here in Pink.

Her Mad Ave Jacket comes from Thimbles and has a nice pattern while allowing a bit of tummy to peek out from underneath.

The handbag comes from Dela and is called the Clutch Bag "Zazu" in Crocodile Pink.

The smoothly textured form fitting slacks come from Hudsen Armidi for Armidi Gisaci and are called the Brindisi Slacks shown here in black.

The thin leggings allow them to slip comfortably inside of these amazing shoes. They also come with prim cuff attachments that can be worn along with them that have a bit of a wrinkled bunched up look to them.

These well styled and nicely shaped boots come from J's and are called the 2Way Short Boot. As you can see they are worn with the lengthy bit rolled down over the heel.

I had never visited this shop and was interested to get over there and have a look around.

I hope that this will encourage more female readers to have a peek as i really haven't had the time to even begin to cover female releases. Not sure who will be the next guest just yet. We will both have to wait and see.

Giselle has this to say about the outfit.

"Talking bout theres gwane be a gurlfight well know someting, i dont fight, i dont argue i just hit that bitch with a bottle."

SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

Hair - Kyoot Army - Hot Mess - Platinum (300L)

Scarf - Creamshop - Linen Stole Muffler - Pink (195L)

Earrings - Cachet - Golddigger Earrings

Jacket - Thimbles - Mad Ave Jacket

Bag - DeLa - Clutch Bag "Zazu" - Crocodile Pink (200L)

Pants - Armidi Gisaci - Brindisi Slacks - Black (225L)

Shoes - J's - 2 Way Short Boots - Beige (400L)

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