Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Another day another outfit and i'm tangled up in blue.
On top today a slightly different variation of Philotic Energy's Enda simply called Enda II (199lL per color or 2000L for the pack). Its made in a similar fashion with various length changes all around. If you liked the Enda i have a feeling this will also agree with you.

On top today i have a great atheletic top from King for Men called Active (155L per color) and as you can see it has a great well defined number and a nice looking zipper.

It is laid over a Muism Deep V-Tee (298L each or 1100L for the pack) which i cant seem to take off. Simple clean and all layer options available.

These great men's Capris came from an older Kalrau location. Somehow i seem to be unable to find them in his new location. If you are lucky to stumble upon them however you not only get great looking prim cuffs but a pocket on the side of each leg as well as rear prim pockets.
I'm also taking this opportunity to display another one of the many colors of the new SOREAL superstars (399L per color or 3499L for the pack).
These are going to quickly become my most used tennis shoes. Tons of available colors to mix and match with outfits as well as 3 limited edition versions if you buy the fatpack. A great great shoe.
SLurls and Full Outfit Credits

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