Monday, October 6, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i threw together a simple fall outfit to run around in with the help of my dear other half.

The Doo is from Cake and is called Rumor (300l per color 3500l from the pack). It was actually one of the first styles i purchased over a year ago and it still gets use today. Its soft and supple waves can add a nice gentle touch to any males outfit.

This light colored combo came together well and features the Muism Crinkle Scarf (200l each or 1100l for the pack) and Deep V-Tee in white (298l each or 1750l for the pack) to add a couple of small highlights to this nice jacket.

The jacket is called Manner (155l per color 3 colors available) and comes from Kerem Lunt's King for Men label. It has a nice texture, well made zipper, and great detail on the elbow padding and pocket linings.

The jeans i have on come from the Valiant label and are called Black Belt Denim Jeans (200l) I find myself wearing these with a lot of dress casual type outfits as they are one of the few pairs of jeans that dont just look like another pair of jeans grabbed off the floor as you shake the sleep out.

A nice dark texture and great shading make these work with just about any outfit whether it be a jacket and jeans combo or just a simple T.

Once again i find myself in Shiny Things Murphys (325l per color) this time in almost white. In my travels through Second Life i have yet to find another pair of shoes so well made for an "in between outfit."
When you don't think you need the class of a dress shoe but are too well dressed for a tennis shoe there really is no other great option then these. I returned time and time again to purchase all of the colors since their release months ago and they have yet to let me down.
SLurls and Full Outfit Credits
King For Men
Shiny Things
Other Outfit Credits
Tattoo - Aitui - Aggression
Skin - The Abyss - Ra (1B)
Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Tobacco

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