Saturday, October 25, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i just wanted something simple but nice enough to play in. I knew i would have to dress up a bit for this evenings Haunted House For Unicef event and i just needed something to spend the day in.

This hair is called Indy from Philotic Energy shown here in blonde. It is a bit of an older release but as you can see it still holds up well with its choppy look and long sharp bangs drooping down in various lengths over your face. I don't however believe this is available any longer as i could not seem to find it in her shops again.

Found this great layered shirt combo from :Sey called :Sey T & Shirt =57= (400L) laying in the floor of my apt and tossed it on.

As you can see even though the price is a tad steep you get a great prim collar and cuffs. The textures are well drawn and detailed and look comfy like this with the long sleeves shown or with one of the other many options included in the package including a diff logo and short sleeve versions of both logo variations. There a quite a few different combos of T's and flannel undershirts available including some with darker themes just in time for Halloween.

These well textured nice looking Classic Jeans w/Accessories (315L) come from Hoorenbeek and this is as simple as they can be. There are a wealth of options and attachments that come along with the package including a belt, chain wallet, key holder, ipod, and various smoking accessories that add different unique ways to wear them.

I believe this is the sale price that is going on atm for 25% off so rush in and snag a pair today. Everything that comes along with them make the package well worth every linden. Also while you are there have a peek around as there are many other items also recieving the lowered sale price for a limited time only.

The shoes in today's outfit are an older pair from Proda Jie's Shop Therapy called the Route 66 Shell Toe Sneaker (400L) and come in 5 available sizes in each package.

A few months ago he also re-updated the series by releasing two other color variations Black and Pink and they can be found in his Big Star location.

Nothing to fancy in todays outfit but it served me well as i awaited my busy evening. See you all next post.

SLurls and Other Credits

Philotic Energy -

:Sey -

Hoorenbeek -

Shop Therapy -

Other Credits

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Normal Shaved

Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Chambray

Piercing - AddiXion - Lip Ring Piercing

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