Thursday, January 1, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I am a tad sluggish from a long electro marathon set to ring in the new year. I did however want to get the outfit i was sporting for all of the parties (sans boy panties) posted up.

Up top is a bit of a "scene" hair from Heartcore called Luke (350L). It's nice, choppy and the textures appear to be very soft. It was snap to edit as well.

The Skull Lip Piercing (125L) with the sculpted skull and triple lip piercing came from Trix or Treats and fit in well with it's rock n roll styling.

Today's top is another layered combo that I tossed together featuring the newish Argrace Always (300L) jacket. It has an easy to fit prim collar and sleeves and also comes in a version with a V-neck underneath.

The Stellar Tee (70L) that I am wearing it over today comes from Fishy Strawberry and matched well with both my new party duds and my manties. If there is one piece of advice I can give it's that every woman in SL goes crazy for boy panties and tube socks.

Today's jean is the Black Brand Jean 101 (150L) from Random Fashions. I got really into these jeans after first visiting his new location after the move from the Appearance Mode.

Be sure to pop up to the new second floor and dig around in the discount bins for some fun older releases that have been brought back and don't miss out on the paint covered Suits For The Mens (1L) hiding up there as well.

You are bound to be sick of seeing these by now but I am still managing to get some more mileage out of the Monogrind Canvas Shoes (360L).
The multitude of texture options and their easy fit with all sorts of various pants whether they have prim cuffs or not really give you a ton of bang for the buck and can fit just about any casual outfit you could come up with. The 32 Upper and Sole combinations as well as the 6 lace options make for an almost endless list of possibilty.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Headphones - FNKY - MDJ-V800 Pro Dj Headphones - Black
Skin - Soul - Apolo M1 (Special thanks to Esme "Turbobuns" Milena for the heads up)
Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Disco
Undies - Gritty Kitty - Boy Panties - Pink
Socks - Sinistyle Tube Socks - Violet

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sparky said...

niko lyle and his puppeteer make me want to fap hardcore!! btw, those monogrind shoes are ridic. xoxo