Monday, January 5, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I really just wanted to build an outfit around some colors that i was toying with on the menu of the new Akeyo Cora sneakers.

Up top I chose the Find Ash Souleater (300L per tone 900L per 4 color pack 1800L for them all) Hat/Hair combo for its lush winter beanie and also the well sculpted skull and chain that is attached to the cap.

I have had a bit of trouble getting some of the hair from Find Ash to fit my AV just right but overall this one was a good fit for my face shape.

Another day another layered pair as a top. This combo is from Useless Children and uses the Purple Dot Shirt (150L) as a base and a Pinkline Cardigan (150L) as the jacket.

Both come in alternate versions (yellow for the cardi and bluegreen for the dot shirt) and work on multiple layers. The Line Cardigans also come with a nice hand drawn T to fit underneath if you don't want to wear it alone or find an undershirt to match.

I also wanted to show off a different variation of the VSL Jeans (350L per pair or 1500L for the pack) from Muism this time shown in a blue wash.

There is also a damaged version of this available which has the distressed look of the last pair I featured. The texturing and shading is done very well with a nice realistic look and heavy durable seem stitching. I am glad I picked up the whole pack and as with the last jean release I can see myself going back to these again and again.

Finally we get to the item that inspired the entire outfit. The Akeyo Cora (600L) sneakers. Like all of his recent shoe releases they feature an easy resize hud.
The amount of options for coloring this time around are vast as well. A large variety of the segments of the shoe and laces can be changed and tinkered with to come up with an almost endless variety of options. I think at this point we all sit eagerly awaiting each and every release that Akeyo unleases on the grid.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani Fashion Designs - Neo V2 Normal Shaved Eyeliner
Toast - Hanauta - Charred Toast Heart

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