Monday, January 19, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

I have wanted to do something with the Creamshop Umbrella (285L) for a long time and I happened to stumble upon a few different things that finally came together for a rainy day look.

First up the new mouth attachment which is a Bubbly Bar of Soap (150L) from LCKY. There is also a tiny heart etched into the bar but my brightness seems to have drowned it out against the light blue texture. With the current trend of mouth treats floating around the grid I find this to be one of the more unique and cute.

This is the Duck Rain Coat (300L) also from LCKY. In the previous picture above you can see the hood that lends it it's name.

In addition to the raised hood you also recieve prim sleeves and a version of the lowered hood. It is well made with a nice rubbery look and thick industrial zipper. The raised hood fit easily over my hair which was a huge plus though i did have to do a decent amount of editing to get the sleeves to fit my fat man arms.

I am still using the Armidi Lowrise Jeans (2400L for the bunch) in quite a few outfits as they have become my tucking jean of choice.

If you have a want for the current indie hipster look this is easily your best option. A nice variety of tones and styles all easily purchased from the new Armidi shopping site which means no muss no rez shopping and top notch quality right at your fingertips.

The shiny rubber rainboots you see here I picked up ages ago during the ETD sale and just never got around to fitting to my fat man feet.
They turned out to be pretty easy to edit and matched the outfit well with their bright waterproof textures.
If anything I learned that with a little courage to toy with some prims that non fitting unisex usable item you stumble on can end up being the perfect finishing touch to a nice ensemble.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo - Normal Shaved
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Hat Hair - Black

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Mimi said...

I happen to stumble across this as I was seeing what would come up if I typed in my shop name (LCKY) into google for the fun of it. :D *applauds* You look fabulous in that raincoat.