Thursday, January 15, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I had a few different things I recently picked up and wanted to toss together for a casual winter day.

The hair today is from MADesigns and is called Alex (300L for one tone in 3 shades or 1500L for all colors) shown here in NBIII. It's a classy short unisex style and so far my favorite of the MAD releases.

The tasty chocolate donut is part of a jewelry set from Canimal called Eat Donuts!! (100L). Great on her, tasty on you.

If you haven't had a chance just yet you should also stop by Aoharu soon to take advantage of their current 50% off sale.

I managed to get the whole pack of the Shiny Down Jackets (170L each or 600L for 7 colors on sale now) in natural colors for a very fair price. This is a really well made jacket with a prim hood, collar and sleeves that is easy fitting and looks very realistic. The textures are shiny and well drawn and there is also another pack that adds a bit more color.

The Tee that I wore underneath was the Aitui Dance Tee (110L). Its simple yet fun with its little stick robot commanding you to hit the dancefloor.

I have shopped with Aitui for a good while now and still most times that I pay a visit I will come out with something new that I want to tinker around with and add to my closet.

Let's hope he doesn't get overly focused on his female line and keeps showering the men of SL with well made fashions.

Through the tp of an aunt"s friend"s best friend"s wife's second cousin i wound up in a little shop called LikeA.
It seems that for simply joining their shop group you can pick up a very nice pair of damaged stained jeans called Std Blue Lowrise (0L group gift) and are just like you would snatch up from your own bedroom floor.
There are some other free items there along with some other well made affordable clothing items worth having a look at as well.

SLurls and Other Credits

MADesigns -

Canimal -

Aoharu -

Aitui -

LikeA -

Other Credits

Skin - Skandaloose - Gen 6 - Eyeliner

Glasses - Insolence - Danielle Sunglasses

Shoes - Akeyo - Lowtop Chucks - Grey

Poses - Long Awkward Pose

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Meta Constantine said...

The Robot t-shirt is insta-likeable.

The donuts ..well those you must share.