Monday, January 26, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

I wanted to try and squeeze in a few more winter outfits while I still have the chance (most days have been around 60 degrees already in Texas) and this is one of them.

The hair today I planned on wearing quite a bit more over the cold months and just really never seemed to find things to wear along with it. It's a nice Knit Cap (250L per tone or 1400L for the fatpack) and hair combo from Argrace. The cap itself has a handy resize script and is also scripted for a nice variety of colors.

My top today comes from Redgrave and is the Line-Knit(390L) sweater. As with all of the products featured here the cost may seem steep but in the end you will recieve some of the most well made and realistic clothing on the grid.

This is a comfy fitting and looking sweater that has a very well worn look and the torn collar is especially a nice touch. All layers come along with the package for the ability to layer it under a jacket or over a T-Shirt. Also included are a pair of open ended prim cuffs and a pair of pockets that are worn on the sleeves.

Another item I stumbled upon from Redgrave were these Sporty-Nylon Pants (450L). They have a very slick texture and great shading and come in a large number of tones. Unfortunately there is no fatpack available but you can take your choice of eleven various tones.

They didnt come with prim cuffs but seem to fit well with most of the shoes I tried out with them. Included in the package are two different pairs, one featuring a belt and one without.

Today's shoe is one of the six new pairs of Luciano de Vincenzi Loafers (400L per pair) from Jeepers Creepers. These are some very unique shoes in that each of the six versions are so similar in shape and so different in appearance.

The styles are not only standard dress attire like the Firenze shown here as there are pairs featuring bright color patterns and buckles. There is also a pair called Red Diamonds with just that down the length and a bowtie where tied laces would normally be. A very well made and creative series of shoes and must be seen.

SLurls And Other Credits

Argrace -

Redgrave -

Jeepers Creepers -

Other Credits

Pocky - Gifted from Nicolette Marx unsure of shop.

Tattoo - Addict - Showing Heart

Necklace - Deco - Penis Bone Necklace

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Meta Constantine said...

The shoes definitely caught my eye, the knit sweater was immediately recognizable from my last run of Redgrave a few weeks back. I didn't know you were a fellow, Texan. My condolences.