Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Velvet Early Morning Mixtape 7am-8am

1. Illapa - Zenith TV (Deluce Mix)

2. Still Going - Still Going Theme

3. Chin Chin - Some Like It Hot

4. Matt & Kim - Daylight (Yukon Ho Mix)

5. Kanye West - Streetlights (Max Justus Mix)

6. The BPA ft Iggy Pop - He's Frank

7. Animal Collective - Your Love My Girls (Frankie Knuckles Mashup)

8. Maethelvin - Dragster

9. Private - We Got Some Breaking Up To Do

10. Fare Soldi - Survivor (St Pauli Mix)

11. Dolby Anol - Your Woman

12. Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Fear Of Tigers Mix)

13. Flosstradamus ft Caroline Polachek - Big Bills


Dom Terrace said...

y'know I'd be intersted in catching a mix or two. Anyway to hear besides on second life???


Niko Lyle said...

If you are around during the times that I play I could link you to the stream and it plays in any media player pretty much. Winamp and that sort of thing. Though I really dont mix atm. I have spoke to some people who are doing live mixes and am looking into software more made for doing so (It is definately possible). What I do atm is just more like a podcast and not a proper mix just yet.