Saturday, January 31, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Normally I tend to dress more casual cute and today I wanted to challenge myself and put a little edge on things.

The hair today is from MADesigns and is called Bernard (300L per tone pack 1800L for 36 tones) shown here in Natural Black III. It's a nice choppy tough looking style that I found very easy to edit.

The great looking lense scripted goggles are from Dirty Cute and are the Engineer Goggles (250L) in brown.

This very well made jacket is the new Ram Leather Coat (380L each or 1300L for 7 of the 14) from Aoharu. There are a ton of various colors to choose from that all have this smooth shine to them. They come with prim collar, cuffs, epaulets, and bottom section that all fit well straight out of the box.

The tattoo although barely visable was something else I recently purchased from Garden Of Ku. It is called Koi Koi (250L) and has a really nicely done fish pattern along both sides of the body. I have a few tattoos from this shop and none of them have been a dissapointment.

The Skinny Jeans (120L) in black for this outfit came from Unknown Boutique and I found them on a lucky random tp trip and am already found of the nice thick white stitches and well shaded texture.
The Sey RJK2 Glove Holder (150L) seemed like the perfect new accessory to go with the overall look that I was going for. This is a nice original design and really adds a nice touch to the rest of the outfit with the many featured details and its ease to wear and display from the waist.

When looking for a man's man boot no male has to go any further then Gutter Boots. Gutterblood Spoonhammer not only gives you plenty of quality for your linden but there are a nice variety of looks available that have a similar tough look while each remaining unique.

The pair in this outfit are the Vincent Boots (100L) and have buckled straps running the length of the sides. They also have a hardened steel toe that looks as if it has been screwed into the boot.

SLurls and Other Credits

MADesigns -

Dirty Cute -

Aoharu -

Garden Of Ku -

Unknown Boutique -

Sey -

Gutter Boots -

Other Credits

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo V2 - Shaved Eyeliner

Necklace - Deco - Penis Bone Necklace

Tattoo 2 - Addict - Showing Heart

Gloves - Clobber - Padded Leather Stitched Gloves

Cigarette - FNKY - Cigarette II - Short Burning Ash

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Meta Constantine said...

Well you know by now obviously, I'm a fairly avid reader only because so many of our tastes are common, some things I like better than others but on this entry I saw about 3 things I'll immediately be going out to find, good show, m'man.