Sunday, January 25, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I have a chance to show off a few things that were laid on me recently by Dice Beattie. I was a bit familiar with his style from seeing him featured on Monta's blog and knew I was in for some really bright vibrant colors to work with. I also took a bit of inspiration from producer and dj Le Castle Vania for the Nu-Rave ensemble.

The hair today is from Gritty Kitty and is called Sebastian (150L per tone)and comes in a variety of tones. Also the seperate colored bang portion is scripted so you can change it to fit any outfit needs.

If you have somehow missed out on the dance music revival being blogged about by many a hipster then this is a chance for you to catch up on a re-born scene of dj and dance culture.

Dice definately brings the ultra modern yet early period rave colors and similar slogans to his work. This is club wear for club people without a doubt. Bright loud designs that are meant to snag attention were found in each of the items that were passed my way like these T's (90L each large variety available)

After seeing both the original and hand drawn look to both the tee's and these Damask Jeans (120L) which are tintable so if bright isnt your thing you can fit them to whatever is I had to take a peek at this store as I had only paid a visit to his Beats Outlet and didn't realize he also ran another shop titled Roll The Dice.

There was a lot of other T designs as well as the bright scarf featured here. Also in the shop are some colorful shades and sharp looking gym shorts which I am slowly becomming addicted to in preparation for the warmer months ahead.

SLurls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Roll The Dice -

Other Credits

Skin - Random Fashions - Fair Pink

Headphones - Boon - Plain - Purple

Bracelet - Kari - Audio Wire Bracelet

Shoes - Detour - Layback Flip Flops - Black

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