Saturday, January 3, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today due to some inspiration from the new Buffet Libre Rewind 2 Project which is new indie bands covering a lot of 80's and other period tunes I tossed together a fast and effective retro look.

These well made and smartly sculpted glasses are the Vintagewear Boho Shades (230L). As you can see they have a very unique frame in that it comes up to the ear from the bottom of the lense giving it that neat almost upside down look.

As for a top I am still a bit stuck on layering and this is a combo of both the newish Emery Hallelujah Sweater (125L) in red with its lush soft looking textures and well drawn neck and cuffs and the Muism Stripe Deep V-Tee (298L each or 1750L for the pack) in black.

There are multiple versions of both available at both creators mainstores that would allow you to come up with many different color combinations of your own as well if black and red may not be your cup of tea.

While putting together my layered top I was tempted to head out and see what releases I may have missed from the Muism catalog and stumbled on these VSL Jeans (350L per version or 1500L for the pack).

These are the Damaged Jeans in Dark and they have some very well made fashionably stressed areas scattered along both legs on both sides as well as very thick threaded durable looking back pockets.

The shoes are a bit of an older release but you can't really go wrong with the retro appeal of the classic slip on.

Though the return of the chuck was in full swing all of last year there were also plenty of smart looked well made slip on shoes across the grid and Akeyo had some of the best. This pair is called Akeyo Slipper in Splat (350L) and there are quite a few different variations of textures to choose from available at the mainstore.

SLurls And Other Credits

Vintagewear -

Emery -

Muism -

Akeyo -

Other Credits

Hair - Gritty Kitty - Hat Hair - Black

Necklace - Mhaijik Things - Mhaijik Tag on Leather Thongs

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Normal Shaved

Pose - Long Awkward Pose - Hair Sweep

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sparky said...

ty for the buffetlibre heads up!!! oh and btw, can you tell me where i can get those shoes irl. I wants them!!!! xoxo