Friday, January 30, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I decided that I would get out and replace those oh so evil Skandaloose skins. I also thought it might give me a chance to toss something new together to wear.

To replace the skin I headed back to Aitui to have a demo at some of his darker toned skins. I ended up walking away with this Redeemer - Tone 4 - Shaved (1800L per skin) skin and I am quite pleased with the looks. My previous was in his lightest tone and I find that the eyeliner plays very well with the tan skin when I dont need it to stand out as it does on the pale version.

When I was out at Redgrave shopping for my last outfit I also picked up this Grunge Jacket (450L)in Deep Brown and knew I would work something around it.

It comes with a stand alone Jacket as well as the version shown here with the shirt and scarf. There is also a shirt layer that is worn underneath to puff the sleeves. You get a prim collar, two versions with hoods and sleeves as well in the package. Also there are two seperate bottom pieces with one being made more for a narrow shaped man.

The Super Lowrise Jeans (298L per pair or 999L for all four versions) for this outfit are an older release from Muism that I still find myself pulling out of the closet now and then.

They have a nice denim texture and a few different versions allowing you to change the flare of the cuff as well as a prim made roll up version.

If you choose to purchase the whole pack you will recieve four tones giving you a nice variety of color and choice overall.

I have been to J's shoe shop many times with female friends that were out to get some new release boot of one style or another. They have even been featured on some of my female outfit guest's feet.

The newest release however is a great unisex 3way Engineer Boot (400L per pair or 1200L for all five) that comes with both the male and female size as well as a wide version of the boot. They are well made and stylish looking and provide some nice detail work on the strap and buckle.

SLurls and Other Credits

Aitui -

Redgrave -

Muism -

J's -

Other Credits

Hair - Gritty Kitty - Barista

Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Tobacco

Glasses - Insolence - Danielle Black Sunglasses

Tattoo - Addict - Showing Love

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Meta Constantine said...

That Grunge jacket from Redgrave was an immediate acquisition on my last splurgey trip in that store, love the whole look and feel of it. I really like the boots as well, look like a pair of RL Lugz or something similarly urban/industrial.