Sunday, January 11, 2009

So...What Are You Wearing?

Today I am just showing a few things that I was slowly tossing together during the week.

Up top is the Barista (150L) from Gritty Kitty and I find myself getting some nice mileage out of this hair. It's easy to toss on and add class to just about any outfit you could think of with a nice variety of scripted tones to choose from.

Also the Tokeo Lollipops (25L per flavor or 130L for the pack) from Tokeo Plastik are available in a handy fatpack now if you saw them here and wanted to pick them up there is no better time.

This great looking Knit Jacket (130L) is from B@rerose and as you can see it has a very nice zipper, a prim collar, and rich lush texturing that is perfect for winter.

You get a nice little package with your purchase that includes both a male and female version of the collar, five colors of the jacket and a pair of socks and pants just for good measure. That's a lot of bang for your buck as well as a lot of quality.

These are a newish pair of jeans released at Valiant called the Snuggly Rip Blue Denim Jeans (200L).

I really like the items featured in this shop as they tend to work with a lot of different look and are made with a male point of view in mind from the start.

Each release seems to be something you don't have already and can't wait to pick up and toy around with to see just what looks you might be inspired to toss together.

Once again I am featuring the Monogrind Canvas Shoe (360L) because if you haven't bought these already you should get out there and get them.

Between these and the recent Kalnin's, Soreal, Akeyo and Jeepers Creepers releases I think we men are finally being noticed a bit more for our lack of quality footwear. I can't thank these creators enough for helping to remedy the problem of fine men's footwear.

SLurls And Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Tokeo Plastik -

Barerose -

Valiant -

Monogrind -

Other Credits

Skin - Skandaloose - Gen 6 - Eyeliner

Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Chambray

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Meta Constantine said...

I'm all about that Barista and the canvas shoes are nice as well. I totally hear what you are saying in regards to men's shoes I've been admittedly slack on mine in past months and only recently made an extra effort to really start seeking out better choices.