Saturday, November 1, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i wanted to attempt to be sexy. Many times i put together ok looking outfits, but rarely are they really sexy.

I'm still addicted to the Gritty Kitty Pride (130L per color) hair as you can see yet again here in black. I just can't seem to choose another style over this one atm. There is nothing that seems to compare with on the grid for a perfect androgynous look. Light and fluffy while perfectly framing the face.

This is the newly re-done version of Aitui's Sexy Buttoned Down (175L) shown here in charcoal. They look amazing as you can see with well drawn lines and new shading. They really pop in certain lighting to create a very soft tight fitting look while showing off just enough skin to be sexy.

Also notice the Swinging Leek (1ooL) from Ducknipple. Nothing and i mean this, nothing in all of Second Life says sexy like a swinging leek.

Speaking of great looking accessories check out this new Stylish Leather Bracelet (White) (150L) from Yukirei Accessories. Tons of intricate details such as small crosses and the well textured shiny squares as well as a nice range of colors without going to overboard make this a perfect piece to add to many an outift.

It seems like every time i return to this shop i can't help but make a purchase. It is also nice to see the return of some great looking male cuffs both from Yukirei and Sey.

Not sure how i ever managed to miss these Muism Button Trousers (350L per color or 2200L for all 8). Very cool thin comfy look to them and i thought the textures from these matched up pretty well with the button down.

There were plenty of colors to choose from 8 in all and i knew better then to just take one pair. I often find myself returning over and over again for things like this and i think the fat pack was more then a fair deal even if they do lack the prim cuffs of most newer pant products.

Rounding out the skin showing outfit theme i had going on i chose these Detour Layback Flip Flops (350L per color or 1000L for a scripted all in one with one bonus color pack) in black. They come in a nice range of sizes to fit any male or female and as you can see they have a nicely done small logo along the strap.
While summer may be closing and we move into fall i think i was able to get in one last really good warm day look with plenty of sex appeal. See you all next post and hope you are recovering well from the candy binges.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - The Abyss - Scorpio Eclipse 4B Body Hair
Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Chambray
Cigarette - FNKY - Cigarette II - Short Burning Ash
Tattoo - Aitui - Aggression
Other Bracelet - Mhajik Things - 3 Block Chrome Burnt Chrome Cord Bracelet

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